As a woman of faith who runs a business, you may feel like…

You’re so busy running your business, doing it all, wearing all the hats – that you don’t have time to work on your business. 

Or the current business networking groups and communities you’re part of aren’t serving you well “below the surface” and you’re looking for more depth. You don’t know how to live out your faith while still running a successful business. 

You’re done trying to figure this out by yourself and navigate on your own. You need direction, new ideas, and accountability. 

NOW, you’re ready to do something different to get different results. You’re ready for real connection, premium training, coaching, and community. Not just for the sake of your business, but for ALL areas of your life.

Doing life alone is NOT God’s plan for you!

The REFINE®  Community was Created Just For You

It’s a place for professional women of faith to come together to support each other and lift one another up as you grow your business and make the impact on this earth you just know you’re meant for.

Our personal and professional lives are intertwined — we know that! The heartbeat behind the REFINE® Community is to nurture all areas of our member’s lives. We encourage life balance, as you strategically work towards achieving your business goals, and inspire you to grow in your faith too! Best of all, we invite you to come as you are — we are a community!

You Don’t Need to Change, You Need to REFINE®!

Typical “business” trainings are based on a blueprint that expect you to conform to a specific way of doing things. But that’s not how we do things in the REFINE® Community as it’s not about changing you – it’s about fully embracing who you are and building on what you already have to fuel your business success. We are part of your path, a stepping stone offering tools, premium training, coaching, and community to feed and nurture growth personally and professionally.


Get grounded in the Word and be transformed.


Be understood and empowered to share through unconditional support.


Get your cup filled, be blessed and be a blessing.


Find the strength to embrace exactly who you are, unapologetically.


Connect with like-minded women who get you personally + professionally.


Learn, grow, gain new skills, and knowledge to move you forward.


In 2011, I had a vision for creating a space for professional women entrepreneurs and business owners, like me, who were looking for a place to connect with other like-minded women and “mix things UP” — personal + professional + faith!

While I was running my own business, I realized that in most business settings, conferences and networking events, my personal and spiritual life weren’t accounted for. And after talking to many women I knew I wasn’t alone.

I took that vision, embraced the missing piece and created REFINE® to fill the gap! We launched initially in 2012 as a women’s conference, and have grown over the last 4 years, creating a powerful virtual community and monthly gathering networking events! We are designed to support you as a whole woman on your journey to be a better, wife, mom, friend, entrepreneur, business owner and anything else you want to be!

Beyond this community, I’m a writer, speaker, and sought-after personal growth expert who’s on a mission to support as many women as possible in their journey by keeping it personal. I love coffee, great conversations, sunsets and am deeply devoted to my husband, my two boys, and my relationship with God.

Join The REFINE® Community Now

Come as you are, take your next steps with purpose —personally + professionally! We can’t wait to meet YOU!

$397* one-time new member investment
+ $67/month after 30 days

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*Payment plans available.

Here's What Others Are Saying

Before I joined the REFINE® Community and Group Coaching I didn’t think that I needed a coach. I joined the group because I was seeking a safe place to grow in my faith.

Now that I’m a member I can’t imagine not being apart of this amazing community! Teri Johnson has been such an inspiration to help me grow in my faith, has helped me develop a clear path for my business, and has even been a huge part of helping me through some personal struggles. Teri has helped me to narrow my target market as well as showed me there is limitless opportunity to reach them. Because of this community, I started to read my bible again, I now seek HIM first during tough times, speak fervent prayers every morning, and have a renewed outlook on my life. IF you're searching for a group of positive and uplifting women that will propel you forward in your faith and business, THIS IS YOUR PLACE! Teri Johnson really cares for each member and sows into them, you won’t be disappointed!

- Heather Hampton

Your path to success isn't a straight line.

Here’s what I know to be true about business and life: there’s NOT a straight line to get where you want to go. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” way that leads to success and happiness!

The REFINE® Community is designed to meet you where you’re at. You get access to what you need when you need it to equip you to focus on what matters most to move you forward! There’s no cookie cutter approach here! Your definition of success is your own — we help you achieve that!

The REFINE® Method is for you, promotes forever learning on your own path to success through these 6 Ms:

Here’s What’s Included in Your REFINE® Community Membership

REFINE® is much more than a community
— it’s a complete experience to support you professionally, personally and in your faith too!


Be on one or BOTH each month! During these interactive POWERFUL calls you receive coaching from Teri! They are educational and designed to move you forward personally and professionally. Get what YOU need, gain a new perspective and get unstuck.


You get instant access to all of your business development training materials, handouts, group coaching recordings, calendar of events, personal & professional printables. This is your “one stop shop” easy to access, available at your fingertips when you need it.


Kick off each week with an inspirational message from Teri.  The purpose of the videos are to better equip YOU to face each day with confidence!


As a new member, you'll get a 30 Minute 1:1 Coaching call with Teri  She will help you develop your personal success strategy and show you how to maximize your Refine Community membership.


One way we hear from God is by digging into the Word!  Growing in our faith and getting to know who God is empowers us to stand tall in all situations.


As a REFINE Community member you’re invited to our monthly gatherings. These gatherings happen each month - both in-person at selected locations and online from the comfort of your home.


This members-only group offers you a place to engage with like-minded women, get support, encouragement, and make life long connections!


Easily connect with other REFINE® Community members!  You may find members offering the services you need and if you are looking for an accountability partner and someone to "do-life" with -- we can hook you up! Accountability partners keep us on track and help us move forward!


Every month we feature REFINE® Community members "interview style" so the rest of the members can really get to know who you are! This is a great way to share your message, stand out and be seen. Plus, you're also featured outside the community through the Keeping it Personal marketing channels, email, and social media!


We want to set you up for success, which is why you’ll get three powerful online courses to enhance your REFINE® Community experience.

How do I know this community is for me?

Great question! The REFINE® Community is the perfect fit for you if:

– You run a business either full-time or on the side
– You’re looking to start a business
– You’re a woman of faith (even if you don’t go to church)
– You know you need support to grow professionally, personally and spiritually
– You’re tired of doing it all on your own
– You’d love to be part of a community of positive, uplifting women
– You’re ready to stop comparing yourself and start walking your own path

Sound good? Then welcome home because the REFINE® Community was made for you! Get ready to embrace who you are and face the life head-on, unapologetically.

Join The REFINE® Community Now

Come as you are, take your next steps with purpose —personally + professionally! We can’t wait to meet YOU!

$397* one-time new member investment
+ $67/month after 30 days

Join Now!

*Payment plans available.

REFINE® Gives Back!

The REFINE® Community is about service, which means giving back to others and sharing a message of faith and hope.

10% of all revenue is donated to nonprofit organizations in areas where there are local gatherings. We’ve also partnered at a national level with Hope International. This organization that provides microloans to help men and women around the world find their soul’s satisfaction in Christ and become dignified, hope-filled providers in their families and communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

I totally get it — our plates are FULL with work, life, relationships, social commitments, and sleep »» YOU. are. busy!  The beauty of the Refine Community is you can participate as much or as little as you can or need to!  We are here for you and will continue to provide you the resources + support you.  There’s not right or wrong way to be involved, there’s no guilt, ALL grace and acceptance.

We are not a church or a “religion” — we are Christian faith-based, non-denominational.  We believe a relationship with God is all about what we do with his Son, Jesus.  We discover truth as we daily seek to grow in Him through study and communication.  We embrace the love that Jesus Christ had for us when he paid for our sins by dying for us, and use this example in our careers and in personal choices; and we experience joy as we work to help others to do the same.

Yes! You’ll get a 30-minute bonus on-boarding coaching call in the first few weeks of membership then you’ll have access to Teri via group coaching calls and in the private Facebook Group!! She’s ALL in and devotes most of her time to the REFINE® Community Members!

Your membership is a recurring monthly fee and you are able to cancel at any time.

No worries!  Your membership is month to month — you can cancel your membership at any time and you will not be charged again.  Of course, you just need to let us know!  BUT…once you’re in, I’m pretty sure your socks will be blessed off and you will NOT want to cancel, just sayin’!