Practical business growth strategies for Christian women Entrepreneurs.



Practical business growth strategies for Christian women Entrepreneurs.

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Do you want a profitable business that doesn't burn you out?

  • Are you spinning your wheels getting minimal results?
  • Do you wish you had a better plan that actually works?
  • Are you struggling to find your target market?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed + anxious?
  • Is your marketing inconsistent and all over the board?
  • Are you the best kept secret?

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What Others Have to Say


"You can not do it on your own, you can absolutely not do it by yourself. You need like-minded women around you, to make you stronger. I work a lot of hours and work for a small non-profit and wear a lot of hats. The thing I love about being a part of REFINE and the community of women that Teri has created is that I can come as I am."

-- Kathryn Archambault, ED MOMS Program

"My booking rate increased from 2% to 38% just from switching my approach from having sales conversations to meaningful conversations!!!" -- Alysia L. 

"The best investment I have made in my business is Keeping it Personal! When I started coaching in early 2021, I was in tears in those first few sessions. But, I worked hard. I had encouragement and actionable steps through the coaching and courses. Now the first half of the year is BOOKED OUT. There was no magic trick or luck involved. I put my faith to work and I had the community of Refine in my cheering section."

-- Joanna Williams, Operations Management

"In the last 3 weeks, with the help of the Keeping it Personal Team, my sales have increased 4x!" -- Tonia A. 

"I not only LOVE Teri, but I LOVE what she has helped me accomplish in my business. Before I started working with Teri, I felt like I was treading water. I had just bought out my business partner and wasn't sure on my next steps. Teri has helped me clarify who I serve, how I do it, and why it's important work. She has given me tough love when needed and has always been my biggest supporter! As a result of working with Teri, I have a clear purpose and process, revenue has increased, and I no longer dread coming into my office. Teri is the real deal and SUCH a blessing to me!"

-- Katie Cooley, Sales/Marketing Professional

Become Confident in Your Business so You Can Get More Clients and Make Your Life Easier.

Teri Johnson is the President and Founder of Keeping It Personal, LLC a national Christian faith-based organization that comes along side women entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales professionals helping them strategically grow their businesses.  

With over 25 years of professional experience in operations management, sales, and marketing in a variety of industries. Teri's knowledge base can be adapted to any business model, whether you're starting out or looking to scale.

She’s a sought-after personal growth expert, business development strategist, the founder of the Refine Community and author of the book, Overcoming the Nevers. Her unique approach has helped transform the lives of her clients, guiding and motivating them to achieve their most deeply desired goals personally and professionally.