Are you part of the 88% of working adults that say they have a hard time juggling work and life?

THRIVE is a proven step-by-step system that equips you to create margin and clarity in your life so you can bust through overwhelm and say yes to the right things and a bold no to the things that derail you.

I'M IN »»

Go from lack of direction and overwhelm to clarity and confidence in your life, personally and professionally in 6 weeks -- EVEN IF you don't have a clue what it looks like!

The Thrive online course is a six-week transformation based on the exact method I’ve used for years and has helped hundreds of people.

You’ll listen, learn, decide and implement as you watch the video training and complete the life-changing exercises within.

By the time you’ve completed the six powerful Thrive modules, you’ll have the confidence, clarity, and structure to finally free yourself from the pressures that are keeping you from the joyful life you deserve.

Even better? You will walk away with sustainable practices that will get you moving toward personal and professional success faster than ever before.

FINALLY »» Thrive is an interactive, step-by-step method that works even if...

  • You don’t have much energy or time to start with

  • You’ve filled your days with tasks you’re not crazy about because you thought you “should”

  • You’ve tried calendars, and journals, and programs – but NONE of it has actually helped, let alone gotten you closer to a life you love

Yes, Thrive CAN work for you even if you’ve tried to make sustainable changes and failed in the past.

Before I took the THRIVE course I thought life was chaotic!  Now that my work with Teri is complete I feel I have a plan for my day that I can reference whenever something shiny gets in my way.  The one thing that really shifted with me as a result of taking this course is I no longer network at night.  As a momma of 3, I realized that when I say yes to one thing I am saying no to something else. I don't want my family to be who I say no to.  I would recommend THRIVE to anyone who has trouble focusing.

Break free from everything that keeps you stuck and the stumbling blocks that prevent you from moving forward!



In Module 1, we dive deep into your current circumstances so you know where you’re starting from. Once we understand what you’ve got on your plate, we can identify where you need to grow, and the things you can choose to let go! We’ll discuss the unique life balance you desire and become aware of what’s next by answering five critical questions.

Balance is on the way!



In Module 2, we take a full inventory of who you’ve been to your family, your business, your community and beyond. You’ll learn to put yourself on the list and how to identify what makes you happy and where to focus your time and attention. We then make space for all that goodness by determining what hats you can ditch.

Prepare to feel free!



In Module 3, we get clear about your purpose in each of your life roles. You’ll create a new measuring stick so you can eliminate the comparison game and know you more than good enough in the roles you choose.

Get ready to unapologetically embrace who you are!



In Module 4, we bridge the gap between who you are and who you want to be, and then identify your next steps so you can achieve the growth you crave. You’ll construct a custom strategy so your life will never become unmanageable again.

You’ll learn to say no gracefully so you can say YES joyfully!



In Module 5, we schedule your perfect week so you can begin to LIVE it! Now that you’ve defined what you want in your life, you’ll write a non-negotiable framework to actually make it happen.

Prepare – plan – succeed – this is SO freeing, beautiful, and refreshing!



In Module 6, we celebrate your progress! In addition to doing the happy dance, we also determine your next steps to see continued growth, and create a check in schedule to manage and maintain your results.

You’ll reinforce the best way to protect your sacred space – you are WORTH IT!

3 Audio Lessons ($147 value)

Bonus #1


A NEW twist on setting S.M.A.R.T Goals.

Bonus #2


The easiest most effective way to end them fast!

Bonus #3


The power of 1 word & an anchor statement.

TERI JOHNSON is the President and Founder of Keeping It Personal, LLC a national Christian faith-based organization that comes alongside women entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales professionals helping them strategically grow their businesses.  

With over 25 years of professional experience in operations management, sales, and marketing in a variety of industries. Teri's knowledge base can be adapted to any business model, whether you're starting out or looking to scale.

She’s a sought-after personal growth expert, business development strategist, the founder of the Refine Community, and author of the book, Overcoming the Nevers. Her unique approach has helped transform the lives of her clients, guiding and motivating them to achieve their most deeply desired goals personally and professionally.

Before I took the Thrive Online Course I was all over the place with my business.  It taught me to plan better for my day and how to stay more focused.  After Thrive I experienced my busiest most profitable year so was a GAME CHANGER!  I would recommend Thrive to anyone who's struggling with focus or balance in your business or personal life or both!

Let's think about your options . . .

You could continue trying to find a solution on your own – spending hours and hours of your life trying (and then discarding) a mishmash of this video and that technique, or a ton of money testing random personal development resources one by one… (That sounds exhausting!)

You could do nothing at all, and one year, two years, ten years down the road you’ll still feel the pressure and overwhelm creeping into every moment of your life. Meanwhile, you’ll spend all that time asking yourself exactly why you’re postponing the joy in life, and wondering if it will ever feel worth it. (How depressing!)

OR »» You can make the decision TODAY to say YES, I WANT TO THRIVE! and fast track your growth and future happiness with me! You’ll finally be equipped to jumpstart the accomplishments and fulfillment you’ve been praying for.

I was overwhelmed and felt like I was spinning and not going anywhere before I jumped in and started Thrive.  After I took action and did the work, I had a better sense of what was important to me and a plan to start removing the things I didn't want to do anymore and making room for the things I did want to do for my life.  I believe ANY women business owner, entrepreneur, or sales professional who's struggling with lack of clarity, feeling stuck, or experiencing overwhelm would benefit GREATLY from taking Thrive!

I'M IN »»

Before I went through the Thrive course, my life was chaotic.  I am married with two kids, have a full-time career while also starting my own business.  I always felt that my life was a balancing act that I could never fully balance.  My plate was full of many things because I was always saying YES to things others wanted me to do, instead of leaving room for all the important things I wanted to do.  The Thrive Course came at the perfect time!  I was able to identify things that needed to be taken off my plate to make more room for the important things in life (i.e. more time for my husband and kids and even time for myself).  I learned to recognize when to wear certain hats instead of trying to wear all of them at the same time. After the Thrive Course, I feel more organized and focused throughout my day so that I am able to come home and devote more time to my family.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, unbalanced, or want to learn how to devote more time to yourself or family while still accomplishing the things you want to accomplish, then the Thrive Course is for you!

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