Because of people like you...

People leave "marks" in our lives.  This poem touched my heart as I reflected upon the special people I've been blessed to know, learn from, grow from.  Those who in big ways and in small ways have left me forever changed.  May these words mark your heart like they did mine.

Because of people like you… 

My circle of friends is broader, my faith is deeper,
my life is richer, and my journey of joy in life
continues to unfold before me.

I have witnessed sincerity, generosity,
and patience.
I have learned truth, grace, and perseverance.
I have been shown humility, gratitude, and love.
I now know the glory of
a much greater power—God in my heart.
I have purpose, fulfillment, and peace.
I have choices, family, and security.

Because of people like you…
I am blessed.
I see.
I believe.
I am taught.
I am grateful.

Thank you for loving me when I can’t love myself.
Thank you for teaching me even though
I am not always a good student.
Thank you for showing me even when my mind is closed.
Thank you for instilling in me the values of
a better life even when I resist.
Thank you for saving my life.
Thank you for being a reminder of
what is right when I want to do wrong.
Thank you for the gift of being the person you are.

I am forever changed.
Because of people like you…

- Kate Kriha -