Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough

I don't know who first said this:

"Gratitude turns what we have into enough."

But, what I do know is --  I should paint this on all the walls of my home and tatoo it to my forehead...

...maybe then I will remember.

Gratitude... being thankful... showing appreciation... saying thank you

It seems so simple. And, yet, as some other things, gratitude can be deeply profound. When I begin to be grateful for what I have, when I show appreciation for what someone has done, and when I say "thank you" often, my outlook changes. Instead of dwelling on the few things I don't have, I become overwhelmed at the multitude that I've been given...

...and what I have becomes enough.

Gratitude turns my stuff into enough. Like many Americans, I have stuff. I have lots of stuff. I have stuff I have forgotten about and stuff that collects dust. I have stuff hidden in my closet and buried in my basement. Still... there is stuff that I don't have that I want. When I become thankful for the stuff that has collected, I seem to want less stuff.

My stuff becomes enough.

Gratitude turns my checkbook balance into enough. Not only do I want more in my budget... so do the four I love the most. We all want more than our family budget can support. We all want to go places, see things, buy stuff {...more stuff}. Gratitude turns that diminishing checkbook balance into enough.  Enough to buy our basic needs...

...and live with less.

Gratitude turns my marriage into enough. Let's face it, my man did a lousy job picking the perfect wife. And, honestly, the opposite is equally true. Neither of us are perfect and after all these years together, we still get on each other's nerves. Gratitude for who he is, appreciation for his gifts and abilities, and a daily dose of "thank you" makes our marriage more than enough.

The simple act of gratitude turns what I have into more than enough. I simply need to remember.

Question:  Do you see that gratitude turns what you have in your life into enough?  Share your comment by clicking here.


Today’s Post is shared by: Heidi Kreider.  She is wife of 18 years, mom to 3 Es, and Jesus lover. She is the author of The Secret of Counting Gifts and The Secret of Counting Gifts Gratitude Journal and blogs about unwrapping God's presence at