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Overcomer defined: Someone who lives to face every life situation boldly, head-on with confidence.

That’s my promise to you. The Overcoming the Nevers Online course is designed to provide you with the tools, strategies and support to live with purpose and intention. This course is about accountability, community and results.


Dear Overcomer! {that really can be YOU!}

We have ALL experienced unfavorable life situations.  You may be experiencing challenges right now.  From childhood through to current day our lists are long — inked with disappointments, hurts, losses, perceived failures.  We find ourselves in a place we never thought we’d be with stories containing our names in a role we never wanted to play.

You know in your head that past experiences don’t have to define you.  Negative circumstances are events, not who you are as a person.  But your heart may tell you another story.

Here’s what I know to be true:  What matters is not our past, but how we make it through and who we become in the process.

That’s the Overcomer truth. 

What would it feel like to you to be confident and comfortable facing all that life as to offer?

How would your life change if you had tools to turn to when the unpredictability of circumstances get in the way?


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  Time for honest reflection:


    1. Are you living everyday on purpose? …or are you wondering what the heck you’re doing here?


  • Do you feel joy from within? …or are you anxious or angry or sad or resentful or hopeless?



  • Is your life thriving and moving forward? …or are you feeling stuck.  Are you tired of being sick and tired?



If you couldn’t joyfully and boldly answer YES, please know you are not alone.  It’s just as important to know that you don’t have to settle.  You weren’t meant to live a life of struggle, disappointment and fear. Join me for 7 weeks and together we will dive into Overcoming the Nevers. Your tomorrows can absolutely look and feel and truly be better that your todays.  This course isn’t about feel-good-rah-rah sessions. (although you will definitely feel better and you’ll probably want to cheer now and then) It’s about embracing what’s possible. More importantly, you’ll come away with tools that will promote a life-long change in how you face every life situation that comes your way.  You owe it to yourself and your family to take advantage of this opportunity.

For you overachiever overcomers (you know who you are) as soon as you sign up – you’ll get an electronic copy of my book, Overcoming the Nevers. I’ll be referencing some of it during our 7 weeks together but you can get a head start if that’s your style!

Don’t worry if you’re not a read-ahead person. The book isn’t required reading but it is a tool you’ll have to refer back to as you make your life changes.

Overcoming the Nevers


The Overcoming the Nevers Online Course {OTN Course} was designed specifically for you.  After many years of coaching and working with people just like you, I realized my calling was sharing these principles and helping you apply them in your life.  I wanted to offer a real method to help you move. forward. now.  It’s my mission to offer an affordable way to provide accountability and community to help you get where you want to be.

If you are willing to do the work, which I know you are — because YOU are an overcomer, this course offers an easy and effective way for you to grow and thrive personally + professionally.

In this 7 week course you can expect to:

  • Work through life hurts and obstacles
  • Discover practical ways to rise above your current circumstances – regardless what they look like
  • Be equipped with tools to embrace the “mundane” to see purpose in the everyday
  • Build up courage to face life situations head on, instead of running away
  • Walk away with a valuable life changing toolbox that will serve you throughout your life journey

The OTN Course is 100% delivered by email.

In addition to specific reading in my book, Overcoming the Nevers, you will receive written lessons and worksheets that are easy for you to read and access at anytime, from anywhere.

No high tech skills required.
No fancy systems to log into.
No long, time-consuming videos to watch.

Tackle what you can, when you can.  And join us in the community for help, support, encouragement, and celebrations when those break-through moments happen!

But wait, that’s not all. There’s a BONUS!

When you join the OTN Course you are part of a supportive online group of other overcomers — just like you, who share the SAME desire to move forward and who are willing to do the work!  This secret online community offers you a safe encouraging place to share and get unbiased feedback, accountability, interaction to celebrate successes + you get to meet other AHmazing people!

PLUS — yes, there’s MORE!  You knew I had more for you, right?

During our 7 weeks together you will receive nearly instant feedback from me on your homework. {via email}  Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with me LIVE online each week in our secret community.  Clients pay hundreds of dollars for this type of coaching, but it’s included for you as part of the course.  I can’t wait to answer your specific questions!

ALL of  THIS for YOU — here’s a weekly glimpse:


You will get crystal clear about your starting point, your “baseline” so you can measure your success!  I’ve got questions for you, that YOU have the answers for.  This week is all about clarity and identifying what it’s going to take for you to experience FREEDOM! {I’ve been told that the work done during this week alone is worth the cost of the course because there is so much insight gained about who you are and why you roll the way you do!}  


This week we set the foundation with our first two tools!  You are going to unpack what you “think” your problems are, explore how these things trip you up and prevent you from moving forward.  Also, you will wrap your head around the love/hate relationship you have the the 6-letter word: CHANGE <<  you desire others to change, BUT are YOU willing to change, are you changing? Deep question, I know!  You will LOVE this week because there’s a solution to the problem, and I can’t WAIT to discuss it with you.


Decision making time!  This week is POWERFUL, but admittedly challenging.  You will take a close look at what’s taking precedence in your world and determine what shifts need to be made.  Then you will pull up your boot straps and get to the root of it all.  You are strong and courageous; this week will solidify that truth for YOU. 


Three statements sum up this week: Own it. Let it go. Bring on what’s next. << this week is BEAUTIFUL, it really is — if you’re committed to doing the work.  By working with the two tools introduced this week you will move through fear and develop what is needed for sustainable growth and moving forward. YES!  That’s what we all need — sustainable, yet practical!   


Another decision is made this week that requires ACTION.  It’s simple — yet you will explore its meaning and true significance.  Stepping outside your comfort zone is where the fullness of LIFE begins.  Distancing yourself from “less than desirable” things — feelings and negative thoughts can be tough, but the tools this week will equip you!  ALSO, this week you will start a very important list.  It’s a start of something that will allow you to experience break throughs!


This isn’t all about YOU, but it’s about you too!  This week you will explore the idea of connecting with others about what’s been happening in your world.  You will learn very strategic methods about how to do this, because the goal is to always bring positivity into the lives of others.  Forgiveness. Healing. Restoration. << there is so much excitement in those words!  Also, this week is about daily living.  You’ve got a cool worksheet to help you embrace the tools and establish clarity for each day.


More implementation for this week and beyond!  For the rest of your life here on earth.  For as long as you’re alive — YOU have purpose and meaning and a responsibility to live that out to positively impact your world and make a “dent in the universe” — the tools we pick up this week are about application and next steps.  PLUS, you need make a commitment.  I will tell you all about it when the time comes — YOU are an overcomer, this week we celebrate!


Don’t spend another week unhappy, stuck, or suffering in silence hoping that somehow things will change. This course is being offered for only $297 — the opportunity is priceless!

I know from experience that transformation can happen. The tools and resources that I depend on every day can be yours too. You were meant to life a life of purpose and intention — a life that brings you joy!

I want you to have a way to balance the demands you have personally and professionally.

Unleash the overcomer inside of you. You can face every life situation head-on, boldly with confidence. I want to show you how.

Someday is here. It’s time to say yes to a life of purpose and intention.


Don’t let this amazing opportunity pass you by!

NOW is YOUR time! 

It’s ONLY $297 to get started — are you IN?  I hope so!

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