Meet The Team


I’ve always been a people person, a social butterfly from an early age.

I love introducing people to one another; some of my introductions have developed into lifelong friendships and several into marriages. I have a passion for connecting with others. I’m an encourager, a good listener, a friend.

Through my life experiences, I’ve learned the importance of Keeping it Personal with others, with myself, and most importantly, with God.

My life had become a mess; I had gotten to a place of hopelessness. By discovering how to Keep it Personal, I’ve overcome a period of isolation. I’m on the road of recovery from addiction and being restored from great life losses.

I’ve realized that through my wounds I’m becoming who I was created to be.

It takes intentional action to restore, overcome, and recover. It takes willingness to face situations head-on and humility to accept responsibility for who we choose to be. Through speaking, my years of mentoring, coaching, and working with others, I have discovered my truth. Keeping it Personal is living authentic, living transparent, living in truth. The truth has set me free and allowed me to embrace love and experience joy.

My gratitude list is long; at the top of my list are 3 special blessings. My husband, who is my best friend, biggest cheerleader, and partner. My two boys are my golden nuggets, sunshine, and each uniquely special. I’m amazed by how quickly I’m seeing beautiful new fruit in these relationships as I sow new seeds. My family is benefiting most.

Life is a journey, one that I look forward to every day. We are ever changing, ever growing. How exciting! Everybody falls; we have to find the strength to rise. My hope for you, if you fall or are in a fallen place today, is that you too will find the strength to rise again.