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When we step back and take a look at our business…
We look forward.  We plan. We set goals.

QUICKLY get to the next level in your business!

You most likely ask yourself these questions:

  1. What will it take to get to the NEXT level?
  2. What will move me forward?
  3. How will I get different/improved results in the next 12 months compared to the last 12?

>> Whether you’re a large business owner or a small business owner.

>> Whether you’re working your "business" within a company looking to increase sales, launching a new venture , or a new product

>> Whether you are a solo-preneur or entrepreneur

YOU need a mastermind group — YOU will benefit greatly from being part of our mastermind group.

What IS a Mastermind Group?

When we “mastermind” we plan and direct, we organize and think-up.  It’s one thing to do this alone, but we gain a whole new perspective when discussing and sharing with others.  A group is made up of two or more; there is power in numbers, excitement in collaboration, energy created, accountability established, and goals accomplished.  Mastermind groups have been around since the beginning of time they ignite activity, cultivate growth, and offer support.  They can also be a source for education and development of business and personal skills.

What a Mastermind Group is NOT:

  • It is NOT group coaching  ::  Mastermind groups are about YOU, the MEMBERS, sharing and collaborating with each other, not about the facilitator coaching individuals in a group setting. During your "hot-seat" time -- you receive everyone's feedback, advice and support.  
  • It is NOT a class  ::  The primary focus of a mastermind group is the brainstorming and accountability support among the group members.
  • It is NOT a networking group  ::  Business development is our primary focus.  Yes, as our relationships develop in the group -- you will find that sharing leads + resources with each other happens. 

Get to know the facilitator ::  Teri Johnson
Teri works with individuals, personally and professionally, who are looking to get unstuck, end their stress, and start living life the way it was intended to be lived. She facilitates groups through her Overcoming the Nevers Online Course and/or provides one-to-one life coaching with her unique Keeping it Personal Coaching System. 

Teri also facilitates Mastermind Groups in-person + online for entreprenuer's and small business owners wanting to move to the next level.  She runs a GREAT group! Her experience with 1-1 business coaching demonstrates her ability to increases business and aligns personal and professional values.

With her previous business exeperience, Teri has sourced and developed a $25,000 revenue paying account within 90 days of business start up. She helped a company nurture past leads and clients to convert leads to new business, minimizing marketing budget from $300 per lead to $60 per lead.  She has designed, developed and branded affordable business develop services for her business clients.  Her team has developed and launched websites with videos, free downloads and actionable content.

Teri is a Certified Infusionsoft Consultant and specializes in improving sales and delivering business results.  She has also launched and implemented The Refine Conference, a faith-based conference for the past two years that is sponsored by companies and attended by more than 150 women.  She is a best-selling author of the book Overcoming The Nevers and is a highly sought-after speaker.
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"Top 5 PRICELESS Benefits of a Mastermind Group"

1.  Guidance.  It is often easy for entrepreneurs to just see the possibilities and not pay attention to the little things that make a big difference. Having a fresh set of eyes on your product, service or program can mean the difference between success and failure.  This group can help you make the right decisions in your business.  

2.  Encouragement.  You will be surrounded by other passionate, like-minded people.  Building a business has it's challenges.  There are many ups and downs and the journey can be lonely.   This group gets it!  They are with you and for you -- to celebrate successes, big or small, and support you to overcome set backs and obstacles.

3.  Answers.  With this "trusted group of advisors" you can get any questions you have about what you’re doing answered, or at least talk through how to solve any problems you may be encountering.  This is your place to brainstorm and collaborate to receive honest feedback and advice.

4. Accountability.  It's amazing what happens when you talk with others about what you want to do + what your goals are, YOU are far more likely to achieve them!  Which means forward progress and success.  Get. Things. Done.  << that's what happens when you have a group holding your feet to the fire.  Focus.

5.  Fresh Ideas.  We all need fresh perspectives. You will receive a lot of new ideas that you may have never thought of to improve what you’re doing in your business.  Every meeting you will learn something new -- benefiting from each member who has different strengths and insights that they bring to the table.


WHY spend thousands to hire a consultant or an advisory board when you can engage in priceless feedback from the minds of many?
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happy clients 

“I was at a place in my business where I didn’t know what to do next — STUCK. What I discovered through working with Teri and her unique mastermind session was that I lacked the confidence to embrace who I was. Teri helped me see my value and gave me realistic “next steps” to get me moving forward. It was the push I needed to embrace my strengths and make decisions based on them.” I am a writer, speaker, married mother of two.   — CAREY SCOTT | AUTHOR + SPEAKER + LIFE COACH


"Teri is dynamic, gifted in her profession, talented, real, enthusiastic, honest with her insight, and encouraging.  Her knowledge and experience will help you identify, tackle and overcome the roadblocks keeping you from taking your business to the next level.  I can speak from experience.  I just finished a 12 month Mastermind group -- It was the best investment professionally and personally I have made in a long time.  Going into this I had no idea how much my business would grow and it did.  I can directly attribute it to the leadership of Teri and input of this group.  Teri is in her element and she will help you get into yours.  I've signed up for another year!"

— SUSAN ARMFIELD | Higher Standards


“Teri Johnson led me through a mastermind experience when I was struggling with my professional direction. Her precise questions, organized approach and specific detail of next steps helped me to clearly see where I need to focus. Teri also helped me articulate specific goals and actions to complete in a set time frame. This plan has helped me progress more in the past 6 weeks than I had in nearly two years prior to our session. I highly recommend her process.”  — PATTI HAZLETT | PH Communications


"Frequently Asked Questions"

What is the Cost?  What is the investment in ME + my Business?
Where are the monthly meetings facilitated?
What is the format of the of the monthly meeting?

We start promptly and open with SUCCESSES + GRATITUDE.  Then we dive right in to the "hot-seat" -- where each member gets a set amount of time to share and get specific collaboration and feedback from the members. 

Each member receives a re-cap email of their "hot-seat" with the action steps they've committed to take.  We wrap up the meeting with either a brief knowledge session or inspirational/motivational message.

BONUS:  For most, the *magic* happens while other's are on the hot seat -- it's amazing the golden nuggets we pick up on through others that we can use for our own business success.

Are the mastermind groups industry specific?

Through our experience we have found that "mixing-it-up" is fruitful for everyone.  Gaining perspective + insight from entreprenuers and business owners from a variety of industries and professions is extremely valuable.  This helps us think outside the box, and expand our reach.

What happens if I miss a monthly mastermind group?

We do require a 9 month commitment {September thru May}, but understand that there will be a time {or two} that you just cannot make the meeting work.  There are no refunds for the monthly fee, BUT you can schedule a 1 to 1 -- 30 minute "hot-seat" call with the facilitator to make up your session.

NOTE:  We do hightly encourage you to block out your calendar each month and do your best to make this a non-negotiable meeting, as your input is valued and everyone's attendance contributes to a successful group.
What is the application process?  How do I get started?

If you've determined --> YES -- This is what I need!  Your next step is to follow this link and find a session that works best for your schedule.

Click "secure your spot" to hold your spot in an upcoming mastermind group.

Once you have completed the purchase you will be sent a Mastermind Questionnaire. This document is required and it helps us to get you know you and your business better. You will be asked questions regarding your business goals--please allow a few minutes to complete this form.

Upon submission of the Mastermind Questionnaire you will be sent a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement to acknowledge. Accepting this document is the final step in your application. 

Once completed you will be sent additional information about your group meetings.