Business Strategy Combo

A simple strategic approach to
grow your business and increase revenue.

Struggling with stress, anxiety, or overwhelm
when it comes to growing and scaling your business?

Feeling stuck and have hit a plateau in your sales?

Lacking confidence when talking about your business?

Wishing for guidance and a specific plan to take effective action?

Wanting to make more money?

If YES . . . the Business Strategy Combo is for YOU! 

A simple, yet strategic approach to grow your business and increase revenue that you can easily apply and take immediate action with.  This proven framework (with 3 modules) makes it easy to reflect. decide. move.

Get instant access to step-by-step instructions, through audio lessons, on how to put more money in your pocket by tapping into what you already have, within the next 30, 60, to 90 days.

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TERI JOHNSON is the President and Founder of Keeping It Personal, LLC a national Christian faith-based organization that comes alongside women entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales professionals helping them strategically grow their businesses.  

With over 25 years of professional experience in operations management, sales, and marketing in a variety of industries. Teri's knowledge base can be adapted to any business model, whether you're starting out or looking to scale.

She’s a sought-after personal growth expert, business development strategist, the founder of the Refine Community, and author of the book, Overcoming the Nevers. Her unique approach has helped transform the lives of her clients, guiding and motivating them to achieve their most deeply desired goals personally and professionally.

What you will learn through this strategy combo are the EXACT steps I walk my high-level coaching clients through when I work with them one-to-one.  Based on their individual goals, this simple, strategic system has been proven, time and time again, to move them forward with business growth and increased revenue.

I've packaged up this greatness to make it affordable for any entrepreneur, business owner, or sales professional who is looking to generate MORE income quickly in their business!

Teri, Thank you so much for this opportunity it is perfect timing for me. Just what I need right now. I loved starting my day and week with this. Just fabulous. I rarely have quiet time in the morning anymore but today worked out great.

This is SO great! After completing Module 1 and answering the 13 questions, I realized I need some help zeroing in on my ideal client, again! ...I had it down until I shifted the focus of my business.

Mind blown! lol I was actually just bragging the other day about what a great multitasker I am - but then when Teri Johnson described how ineffective and stressful this can be and how we are scattered and don't get anything completed it hit me hard. I'm really excited to use the strategies in this program to start getting things accomplished!!!

Wow! I just finished Module 2 -- that was some good work, I have SO many takeaways. I liked the G, B, B2 goal setting exercise. I also see a thread running through my responses that indicates I may need a mentor and/or accountability partner. When I worked in corporate, I had that in a boss (CFO), when I moved into a partnership, accountability came from my business partner and meeting customer deadlines; now, I'm on my own. I have deadlines, but sometimes I need a "focus" push. I set some good business and personal goals - I included fun (that's important!). I don't want to grow too quickly - so I was realistic. SO thankful for this course!


Learn the Business Strategy Combo that will help you increase
productivity and revenue within the next 30, 60, 90 days.


REFLECT. Look back AND turn the mirror around. 

I know, I know -- this doesn't sound fun when all we really want to do is move forward, RIGHT?  BUT, we will get there soon enough -- I promise, the insight you gain here will be SO valuable you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner!

DECIDE.  Determine what you're really doing.

I'm all about making things simple or simpler!  Here we laser in on 4 key concepts that will equip YOU to take things to the NEXT level personally + professionally, whatever that next level is for YOU!  These strategies can be applied to any business model, they are that simple AND that good!

MOVE.  It's time to implement.

Here we GO, applying what we learn in a way that works!  Taking action is the only thing that will move us forward personally + professionally, but our action plan must be realistic to be sustainable.  You will create that here.

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