1.  "I don't like to mix the two together."

It can be a little uncomfortable at first -- I understand.  But we are in a relationship economy.  When you have an amazing relationship with your self and know exactly who you are and why you do what you do, it speaks volumes and becomes your compass.  This confidence overflows from you into your professional world and attracts the exact clients you're looking to work with.  It's authentic.  It's attractive. It's a place worth going to.

2.  "I just want to focus on my professional growth, not myself."

What I've found and experienced from working with my profesisonal clients is this: there's a whole lot of personal work that needs attention! Life is lived in tandem -- we work and we have personal lives.  So my philosophy is, LETS GO THERE, what do you have to lose?  It's amazing what some simple reflection can do for you personally and professionally.