Find the confidence to grow your business with a solid growth-stack system, accountability, and 1:1 coaching, all proven to amplify your business’ growth.

How Business Consulting Works (It's Easy)


Free Consultation

You’ll start by scheduling a free consultation with Teri Johnson. She’ll examine your current business structure and marketing, creating your very own growth plan, based on proven strategies.


Work the Plan (With Help Along the Way)

Start to feel confidence and clarity as you work your growth stack plan.


Stay Accountable (Weekly Check-In)

It’s easy to grow discouraged and lose heart when growth doesn’t seem to be sticking. To help you from giving up on your dreams, you’ll have a weekly connect session with Teri.


Watch It Grow

(Weekly Check-In)

With your custom plan based on proven strategies, your growth-saavy coaching cheering you on, and the hard work, determination, and focus you’ll be fueling your busines with, growth will happen.

Meet Your Guide

Teri is well-acquainted how lonely running a business can feel; she also knows what it’s like to feel “stuck” in business and life. By 201X (date), her life had become a mess, spiraling into isolation and periods of hopelessness.

It was here, in the midst of struggle, she learned that growth of any type takes intentional action and accepting responsibility for the choices one makes; and, to overcome, one must be willing to face problems head-on.

Today, she helps hundreds of women entrepreneurs take intentional action in leaving behind isolation and following a proven path to success, both for professional and personal life.

The Women We've Helped

[Teri’s] friendship, faith, and encouragement has been exactly what I’ve needed!! She is one of the biggest blessings to the people in her world!!



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