What are your 2 reasons?

I've got a quick question for you »» What are your 2 reasons?

Let me unpack this a bit before you come up with your answer.

I'm going to make the assumption that with the new year you dreamed a little bit, set goals, planned out and/or strategized where you are heading or where you'd like to go.  (if not, I would highly recommend investing some time into doing that, it's crucial if you want to move forward in any area of your life.)

Ok.  With that assumption I just made -- you most likely have these 2 reasons that you're not even aware of.

REASON 1 = ALL the excuses and "reasons" why you can't execute on your plan or reach your goals.

REASON 2 = Your WHY!  The purpose or motivation that fuels you and inspires you to take action every day to move you towards your goal.

Everyday, for the rest. of. your. life.  Seriously. You have a choice to make -- you get to pick which reason you are going to nurture and grasp on to every day, every moment of each day!

So now, it's time for you to identify your 2 reasons.

What will trip you up? Keep you stuck? Take the wind out of your sails?


What energizes you? Moves you forward? Fuels you to take action + press on?

When you've identified your 2 reasons you will want to "starve" reason 1, and feed reason 2.

Make sense?  I hope so.

I'm going to unpack this topic some more over in our #buildingbusinessbuzz Facebook group.  If you want to join me and other amazing women over there, click this link -- I'd love to see you!

Shine ON!

Plan Do Review - Goal Setting

Did you do this in 2018?

In 2 sleeps we will wake up with 365 new days, 365 new chances to find the opportunities and blessing hidden in each day.

I'm SO excited.

Are YOU? What are you looking forward to most in 2019?

No matter where you are right now. Whether you've reached the goals or lived the life you hoped to live this past year -- I wanted to share a simple process I use that helps me move forward to get results.

Did you do this in 2018? »» Plan. Do. Review (PDR)

Personally + professionally, the PDR process is a simple way to track the progress we are making and what shifts or changes we need to make to continue to move forward.

Here's how it works:

  1. PLAN •• sit down and invest the time to map out, plan, and strategize where you're going. It's hard for any of us to get to where we want to go if we don't have a plan to get there. During the phase you need to identify your action steps and what tools/resources you need to reach your goal. PLUS establish a timeline/date you want to complete your plan/goal by.
  2. DO •• take action! Work your plan. Invite in accountability and surround yourself with people who inspire you and motivate you to WIN!
  3. REVIEW •• At the date or designated time you established check-in! How did it go? Inspect, reflect, revise, get feedback. Decide what worked and what didn't and what your next steps are to keep you moving forward. This may be a time to reconsider the direction you're headed and pivot. It's OK to shift gears.

When you implement the PDR process it allows you to continue to MOVE FORWARD and that is what's most important.

Yes, we want to reach our goals. I get that -- but often times there are circumstances out of our control which impact our results. If we keep a frequent pulse on our progress, with PDR, we can easily navigate through.

What do you think? Is this something that could work for you? or do you have another method that works in your life? Leave a comment below and let me know. I'd love to hear from YOU!

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and are encouraged + inspired to see what God has up His sleeve for you in 2019.

Compared to what?!?!

Why do people do this »» COMPARE?

What I’ve realized, as I ‘ve been working with my clients — and when I fall into comparison, is it brings feelings of inadequacy, depression, anxiety, fear, and self-pity. «« those are NOT lovely feelings! YUK!

Can YOU relate?

A lot of times comparison rears its ugly head when we try to “stack up against” character traits, roles, circumstances, and experiences – NOT necessarily material possessions. Some people think these things, let me explain by giving a couple examples:

  • MOM = I should volunteer more compared to some of the other moms at the school. It seems that other moms are more creative and crafty, scrap-booking, and doing little projects with their kids. We could compare ourselves with other moms wishing we were more creative or thoughtful that way. I should dress my kids cuter compared to how some of the other moms dress their kids or I wish I liked to shop like other moms. Other kids are involved with more activities than mine so I compare myself – should I sign the kids up to do more? Are they not experiencing enough at this age?
  • SPOUSE = I wish I was a better cook and more domestic compared to other spouses. I’m not as “handy” as that person! Why don’t I enjoy cooking and decorating my home? I wish I was more like others who planned meals and knew how to make their homes feel more “homey”. My home is not clean enough, organized enough, run as well as that persons.
  • FRIENDS = We see others’ circle of friends and think, “I want that!” We compare our life with theirs and wish we were invited more often to social events, parties, concerts, dinners. “They” seem to be having so much fun and doing great things. We think, “I want that too! Why don’t I get invitations?” We compare ourselves and ask ourselves questions like: Is there something wrong with me? Am I not good enough? Do others not enjoy being with me?
  • ME = I’m not passionate enough about what I’m doing compared to others. I don’t make as much money as that person. My thighs are bigger compared to that girls. I can’t do my hair well compared to that person’s — I wish I knew how to style my hair better. I’ve got no style with my clothes compared to others, I wish I could put together outfits like her. That woman is smarter compared to me – I wish I knew it like she did.

Do you ever find yourself thinking some of those thoughts?

Do you ever compare yourself, experiences, situations, to others and feel inadequate, depressed, anxiety, fear, or self-pity?

I could list many more “comparing thoughts” that race through my mind from time to time. And because I work with SO many clients, personally + professionally — I know we are NOT alone!

Our minds just go there sometime.

BUT — the question is »» COMPARED TO WHAT?!?! «« who holds the measuring stick?

We have the ability to CHANGE OUR FOCUS!

We can start shining the light on what God has blessed us with!

We can appreciate the gifts and talents in others, BUT not lose focus on our strengths and what we have been given!

I was reminded the other day of the story in the Bible about the 3 servants who were given talents. One was given 5, one 2, and the other 1. May we NEVER be like the servant who was given 1 talent. What did he do? NOTHING. Out of fear, he did nothing – he was comparing himself and as a result paralyzed.

Step OUT of the comparison trap and ALL of the icky feelings that come with it and step INTO shining the light on our blessings and talents, learning to appreciate our uniqueness and our many gifts — instead of comparing and wishing we had or were something we ‘re not.

What do you say? Are you with me? Hit reply and let me know your feedback!

Make the days count!

Next Sunday is October 1. That means we are entering Q4 of 2017!

Why does that matter?

Well, if you're a goal setter and/or an entrepreneur or business owner -- it's VERY important and you most likely care A LOT!

We've got 3 months remaining to hit the goals + revenue projections we set in place, and finish strong!

92 opportunities to make the days count!

What 's your plan?

In July -- I realized I was "behind" on one of my personal goals, WAY behind! I made the decision I was NOT going to enter the first day of 2018 with the same health & wellness goal I've had since 2015! YIKES! Yep. I 've had this "annual" goal for over 2 years!

I decided to take action.

I mapped out my strategy, hired a coach for accountability + to kick my butt, and I'm proud to say I 'm close to reaching my goal! If I continue to make the days count, by December 31st -- I will be doing a happy dance! WHOOT!

Do YOU have any lingering goals, like me?

Are you on track to reach or exceed your personal + professional 2017 goals?

  • IF YES » GREAT! What does it look like for you to finish the year strong and make the days count?
  • IF NO » What is YOUR plan to finish the year strong and make the days count?

What I know to be true is, "If we fail to plan -- we plan to fail." You've heard that quote before right?

Take a minute to do a quick assessment on your 6 areas of personal perspective: emotional. spiritual. health & wellness. financial. professional. relationships. «« where would you like to be in each of these areas when you're enjoying your New Year's Eve celebration?

Do you need to do a reset to restart? That's ok! Do it!

Maybe you 've realized the bar was set too high and you need to re-adjust your strategy, that's ok! Break it down.

What's realistic for you to accomplish in Q4?

Figure it out and take action!

Need help with THIS? I've got you covered! On Friday, October 27th I'm hosting a 1-Day event for WOMEN Entrepreneurs + Business Owners + Sales Professionals! You will develop a plan to finish the year STRONG + jump start on 2018 with a strategic plan and goals! That's what we will focus on at this event! Get crystal clear and know EXACTLY what you need to start doing, stop doing, and continue doing to GROW YOUR BUSINESS + PERSONALLY + MAKE AN IMPACT!

JOIN ME and other amazing like-minded women! You will NOT be disappointed, promise. Take advantage of this 1-Day event focused on YOU! For ALL the details and to get registered, CLICK HERE!

Got QUESTIONS? Hit reply and let me know! I 'd LOVE to hear from you!

Who's watching you?

Have you ever had a freak-out moment where you were possibly showing your #bside (you know, that side of you that's not pretty) and then realize when it's over more people than you thought, were watching you or listening in??

I have.

At the grocery store when my kids were younger, I can remember that happening several times! YIKES!

On the flip side -- there have been times where others have noticed kind things I've done when I didn't realize anyone was watching.

The point is, you NEVER know »» WHO'S WATCHING YOU!

Everyday we have the opportunity to teach, lead, and inspire those around us with our actions, our words, and just how we do life interacting with others -- responding to whatever life brings »» The good. bad. ugly. beautiful.

Our life is our message!

What is yours saying to those who are watching you?

What character traits would people around you use to describe you?

Chew on these questions. Are there any areas that could use some attention, personally or professionally? (A couple are coming to mind for ME as I write this email! *sigh*)

Let's focus on being the best version of ourselves, so no matter who may be watching us here on earth, they are better off because of it!

Let YOUR light SHINE!


For the last few weeks, my eyes have been glued to the TV watching the news report the devastation from hurricane Harvey and now hurricane Irma. My heart aches for those who are going through this and experiencing loss. I pray.

I'm encouraged by the stories I hear about people coming together from across the country from all walks of life to help -- offering assistance and hope. AND...the resilience + positive attitudes and outlook of many of the victims!

I see LIGHT in dark times.

We ALL have our own unique "dark" hard times in life. The reality is, life. is. hard. BUT through that, it doesn't need to dull our shine! As we are living your lives and engaging with others; friends, co-workers, family, strangers. Our light can SHINE! It's a choice.

Is your light shining? Do others see light from you? Regardless of your circumstance?

How do you maintain the light and/or shine brighter?

What helps me is knowing my strength and hope comes from the Lord. I have bad days, I do. But God is good. Most often when I take the time to look for the good in my dark hard situations I can find something to be grateful for. THIS fuels me to SHINE BRIGHT.

I love this quote by Dwight L. Moody »» “We are told to let our light shine, and if it does, we won’t need to tell anybody it does. Lighthouses don’t fire cannons to call attention to their shining- they just shine.”

Lets choose to be intentional about shining our light into the lives of others.

What do YOU say? Leave a comment and let me know! I would LOVE to hear from you!

Do you give to get?

Sometimes we need to check our motives on things -- especially when it comes to giving. If I'm honest, there are situations when I "give to get". I may not speak that out loud, but in my heart -- there's a silent expectation. An unspoken assumption that IF I do/give __________________ (fill in the blank) perhaps I will receive ________________________ in return. (fill in the blank)

Can you relate to this? Even a tiny bit?

What happens when I have strings attached to my giving, I often feel let down or bitter. Resentment and judgement can rise up inside me along with disappointment.

I'm not talking only about monetary giving. I'm talking about ANY type of giving -- time, advice, character, behavior, or other resources.

Do YOU give to get?

There are phrases like:

  • If you want kindness, be kind.
  • If you want friends, be friendly.
  • If you want help, be helpful.
  • If you want love, be loving.
  • You get what you give.

The reality is, I haven't always found that to be true. Sometimes, yes. But, people aren't always kind, friendly, helpful, and loving -- even when I'm kind, friendly, helpful, and loving to them!

Check in with yourself.

What are your motives when you give?

Lets not have silent expectations that no one is capable of meeting. Lets clearly communicate what we are looking for or hoping to accomplish. Lets focus on taking the high road, being a blessing, and freely giving -- even when we know we can get nothing back.

The light shines in darkness.

I just wanted to invite you to think about something. There is SO much negativity, hurt, darkness, and pain surrounding us! No matter what we are currently going through, have been thorough, or are experiencing in our lives, we have a choice every day and in every situation to operate in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Be a part of the "YUK" ...the problem.
  2. Bring a positive attitude/outlook, encouragement, and solutions.

As you’re living your life and engaging with others; friends, clients, co-workers, family, strangers »» Is your "light" shining?

Do others see light from you?

IF not (or as consistently as you'd like), WHY?

How do you maintain the "light" and/or shine brighter?

“ We are told to let our light shine, and if it does, we won’t need to tell anybody it does. Lighthouses don’t fire cannons to call attention to their shining- they just shine.” – Dwight L. Moody

The light shines in darkness. «« let's remember that + be THAT!

Be a blessing.

Most days, if we are honest. Or maybe it’s too presumptive that I include you in this — let me know. Ha. BUT, most days, when I wake up , I’m thinking about ME!

I’m thinking about everything I need to accomplish and what needs to get checked off my to-do list. I’m focused on where I need to be, what I need to be doing, and how I will get through another day!

All these things are important. AND…really — a lot of the “things” I have jam packed in my day include others! They do.

I’m serving my family.

I’m serving my clients.

I’m working on and addressing things that impact those around me.

However, IF I’m not careful I can get SO caught up in ALL OF IT that I lose sight of others.

Can you relate?

I need to constantly remind myself of the outcome I truly desire and that is this…

…to bless the socks off of others!

Included in the list of “others” are those closest to me. YIKES!

That’s why I need to daily ask myself THIS:


When I’m mindful of “ being a blessing ” a shift takes place inside of me. My day becomes more about WHO I’m interacting with and WHY I’m doing things, rather than WHAT I’ve got on my plate.

Additionally, it turns the mundane or the daily grind into an adventure or a fun-challenge to see how I can make a positive impact in the lives of others.

The BONUS + the beauty of having this shift in perspective is we are blessed in return!

It’s a win/win/win »» we are BLESSED to be. a. blessing + we get. things. done!


As you live out your life today, ask the question, how can I be a blessing? I’d love to hear your win/win/win story! Leave a comment and let me know!

Walk away from the fault finder.


One of the GREATEST gifts we have in life is the freedom to choose. Each day, when we wake up and our feet hit the floor we can choose to have a good day! We can choose to rise above our circumstances and look for the good. We can choose what we let "get to us" and what we don't. We can choose WHO we connect with, who we allow to influence us, and whose voices and input we are impacted by. Additionally, we can choose how we respond.

BUT, I know from experience, it can be extremely difficult to walk away from people, places, and things that are NOT serving us well. Negativity and ickyness surrounds us. We get hit from every angle. From the news, social media, and work environments, to our family, friends, and those living under the same roof.

How do we protect ourselves from all the noise that bleeds discouragement, steals our joy, deflates our ambition, and kills our dreams?

We walk away from the fault finder!

You know what I'm talking about right? The fault finder = a person who habitually finds fault, complains, or objects, especially in a petty way.

We graciously and strategically distance ourselves from what brings us down and draw near to the people, places, and things that build us UP!

When I point the "fault finder" out to my clients and the women I work with, and suggest they walk away, the question I continually get is, "HOW? I don't know how to do it!"

I provide many suggestions based on their specific circumstances. But, here are a couple of places to start:

  • Unsubscribe, unfollow, block, unfriend.
  • Set boundaries and communicate them with others.
  • Discover the TRUTH about who you are so you can stand tall, confident, and protect your heart.

What or who is not serving you well in your life right now? What do YOU need to walk away from? What do you need more or less of to help you move forward? I would LOVE to hear your answers, hit reply and let me know!

REMEMBER, one of the GREATEST gifts we have in life is the freedom to choose. Choose wisely and SHINE ON!