This is Why Keeping It Personal Exists:

To bring faith-based women entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales professionals together from every city across America. From being “connected” to actually connecting through meaningful conversations. Collaborating and serving one another with respect and generosity, not competing or comparing -- while sharing the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful of business-growth and entrepreneurship, together.

The events, tools, resources, community, and 1:1 coaching KIP (Keeping It Personal) offers are designed to empower and better equip you. Our desire is to challenge your mind and to feed and nurture growth, personally + professionally. Your business goals and strategy will be tested (or planned out for the first time!); and, you’ll have a strong community of support, to carry you through the ups and downs of business ownership.

Why Should KIP be the ones to guide me?

The roots of Keeping It Personal’s growth have been touched by adversity, joy, times of success, and times of set back. Just like you, our team is made up of women business owners with dreams, goals, and hopes, looking for connection, support, collaboration, and encouragement on this crazy entrepreneur adventure!

Paid coaching, niche marketing events, strategic consulting – we’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars into understanding how to grow our business; and, we’ve helped hundreds of women business owners overcome setbacks, strategically map out and find clear purpose + direction for their business, and create amazing relationships that support them on the way.

Our hope is to help your story the same.

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The essence of Keeping it Personal is the importance of relationships, transparency, honesty, and continued growth — both personally + professionally. Keeping it Personal exists to inspire, educate, connect, and awaken women to the truth of who they are.

In 2000, I was in sales and felt a lack of personalization and human connection in the business world; everything had become so automated with computers, voicemail, and emails. I began sending handwritten notes to each one of my potential clients and watched as sales increased. This got my entrepreneurial wheels turning; a small business was founded off the idea of Keeping it Personal.

Keeping it Personal was born in 2004 as a company that delivered handwritten notes to clients of Real Estate Professionals after their homes had closed. The business gained momentum, but changed direction as the real estate market crashed.

With the belief that there was a journey of discovery integral to experiencing true joy, I knew Keeping it Personal could be the path. The business was reborn with a stronger foundation and clearer path in November 2009.

With my strong background in sales, marketing, and a passion for helping people realize their full potential I’ve developed programs, services and events, to support women in their journey of self discovery.

Each section of this site is an extension of what it means to Keep it Personal. My aspiration for Keeping it Personal is to help you discover truth, embrace love, experience joy. I hope you do.

Keeping it Personal,