What if you could learn a simple, cost-effective “trick” for building your business? Would you do it? Yeah, me, too.

The tip I want to give you is as old as the hills, so you’ve probably heard about it. And it works like magic to keep your business top of mind, so when prospective customers are ready to buy, they’ll think of you.

The funny thing is many entrepreneurs don’t do it. Instead, they focus on other things, like running social media campaigns on Facebook or Instagram. 

What’s the secret sauce I’m describing? An email list, of course.

WHY is building an email list so important? Let’s look at three reasons.

Reason #1: YOU OWN IT

Aside from your website, your email list is the only outlet you control. While growing your following on social media is also part of the equation, you don’t own or control any of those platforms. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or whatever you decide to use can change the rules of the game anytime they choose. But your email list is an asset that is all yours. The only thing you need to do is nurture those relationships by offering them valuable insights that showcase how awesome you are. When the time is right for you to flip the switch, the right ones will buy from you.


Customer relationship management is vital to every business, especially in today’s online world. The one way to keep strong ongoing relationships by writing and sharing information you know your email list audience wants to see. The beauty of your list is you are in charge of whatever message you send out and when you send it. Personalization and customization allow you to directly deliver your thoughts, ideas, and words to your customers’ inbox. This aspect alone makes building your email list a no-brainer.


Instead of waiting for your content to show up in a paid or organic social media campaign, you increase your business potential by directly contacting potential customers without any limitations. Whenever you’re ready, the email list you’ve been building is filled with prospective buyers who are ready to hear from you. The more you reach out and connect with them, the greater the possibilities for the increased revenue. You also have the opportunity to show how you’re a valuable resource and thought-leader. As you become more well-known for offering value, your list will grow. In turn, you’ll open the door to building affiliate relationships with others that can create incredible joint ventures and eventually generate more sales.

But don’t take these reasons and my word for it. Many studies show a well-developed and engaged email list is the most lucrative digital channel for return on investment. With 239.6 billion emails and counting sent every day, it is hard to ignore the potential of a great email list.

So what are you waiting on? Start building your list today.