As faith-based women entrepreneurs, we’re driven to create successful businesses that convert our talents into products and services. (Right?!)

For most entrepreneurs, the goal is to do more for less time and effort. But accomplishing that is sometimes easier said than done. (Or is it?!) 

It’s no secret that productivity turns our ideas into reality. When you combine that with the fact that God instructs us to commit whatever we do to him (See Prov. 16:3 & 9),  then the natural question is: what steps should we follow to get things done? (I’m so glad you asked.)

Follow My 4-Step Productivity Process 

Plan & Prioritize: Stop scrambling to meet deadlines and do a bunch of things at once. Set aside time to plan and prioritize tasks, so you use your time more effectively. You can do this by 1) Mapping out your ultimate goals. 2) Creating a list of tasks. 3) Ordering them by importance and urgency. 4) Developing a timeline for getting things done. 

Time Block: This time management technique will help you make your prioritized plans more manageable while giving you more control over your day. Start by blocking off periods of time to complete specific tasks. In the end, you’ll enjoy more success when you break your schedule into chunks, so you’re focusing on one project at a time.

Gamify It: Turn completing tasks into a rewards system when you gamify things you need to get done. For example: Use the 10 B4 10 Strategy to help you accomplish ten super productive tasks by 10 a.m. Or 12 B4 Noon to raise the stakes to 12 things. Reward yourself with simple incentives, e.g., 5 minutes checking Facebook or throwing the ball with your dog.

Break It Down: Experience success and accomplish that big project you’ve been dreading with the “one-bite” approach. Eliminate overwhelm by breaking complex projects into smaller tasks. Stop trying to “eat the entire elephant” in one bite. Set a short timeframe, try “one bite” for 10 minutes, then take a break. Before you know it, your project will be completed. 

As Mark Twain once said, “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”