Have you struggled to forgive a client, colleague, or friend who treated you poorly? (We’ve all been there at one time or another.)

“Stupid human tricks” will happen in a variety of ways and might sometimes include a client who:

  • Acts like you work for them instead of with them.
  • Refuses to pay for services rendered.
  • Doesn’t follow through with their commitments.
  • Tries to take advantage of your time through scope creep. 
  • Challenges every recommendation you offer.
  • Leaves you scratching your head, wondering what happened.

Difficult situations caused by careless actions and words sometimes find business owners–like you and me–wrestling to forgive and struggling to move forward. 

If you stay the course and allow wounds created by others to fester inside you, then you run the risk of anger, bitterness, and resentment creeping in. 

What if you flipped the script most people follow and applied liberal doses of forgiveness –even if it is undeserved? (In the long run, you’re helping yourself.)

Forgiving others will give you new-found freedom and help you move forward.

But forgiveness isn’t easy because it takes time to work through the process. Sometimes you’ll walk through a situation that hurts you so deeply it creates a stumbling block where you need to forgive the person over and over again. (We are called to forgive “not seven times, but seventy-seven times.” (See Matt. 18:22))

Are you struggling to forgive? Are you holding on to unresolved anger or resentment?

What if you turned that stumbling block into a stepping stone by offering GRACE with FORGIVENESS? When you pair these two concepts together, you release the issue and the accompanying hurt because you turned the matter over to God. (See Eph. 4:32 and Col. 3:13)

The secret is asking God to give you GRACE to help you FORGIVE.

I’d never thought about inviting grace into the forgiveness process until I listened to the song “Losing” by Tenth Avenue North: “Oh Father, give me grace to forgive them, ‘cause I feel like the one losin’”

Watch this video and let the words soak in

If you haven’t asked for GRACE to FORGIVE, you may want to add that piece into your forgiveness process.