Did you know that money-making businesses solve problems? 

In fact, the best way to connect with the right customers is by sharing how you solve their problems.

So what problems does your business solve? Do you have a list of the top 20 issues you address? (If not, you’ll want to create one. I’ll tell you how in this short video.)

Do you know how to solve what keeps your customers up at night? The moment you do, you’ll be better positioned to make more sales.

Make Your Cash Register Ring

Generating sales is key to growing your business.  If you want to make your cash register ring, you need to uncover and address problems worth solving. 

You see, your ideal client will only pay for products and services that solve the problems they want solved. If they don’t know or care about an issue, then all that work you’re doing is simply wasting your time.

This revelation may have you wrinkling your brow, but there’s no need for that because there are ways to learn what problems to solve.

Let me start by asking you two questions:  Are you offering products based on what you think people need? Or are you selling solutions that speak to prospective clients’ problems?

If you want to create solutions to help you increase sales, then you need to walk through this four-step process. 

Determine the right problems to solve by: 

  1. Asking your ideal clients what they need
  2. Analyzing the issues that you know how to address
  3. Creating several unique options
  4. Sharing how your solutions solve specific problems

(Rinse. Repeat.)

The best way to draw in your customers and get your cash register to ring in is by focusing on how you solve problems they want solved.

Happy Problem Solving!


P.S. Want more insights on how to uncover and solve problems? This short video I made will talk you through what to do. Click here now.