As you’re thinking about the week, month, or quarter ahead, does your mind keep bumping into goals you’ve set up and failed to meet?

Or maybe you didn’t set certain goals because you kept thinking that you’d never reach them anyway.

Perhaps the goals you’re setting aren’t the right ones. Or maybe you don’t believe in the ones you’ve already developed. 

No matter where you are in your journey, know this: goal setting is one of the most powerful things you will do because the right goals will make you stretch to complete them. 

Goals will grow as you use them to focus and shape your dreams. As you achieve each one, they will transform your life and those around you.

You might be thinking, “If goal setting is so awesome, then why is it so hard for me to achieve them?”

Without knowing your situation and the things that impact your world, I could guess that the issue might be the type of goals you’ve created for yourself. If your plans aren’t realistic or achievable, then you may be setting yourself up for failure.

When you realize you’re not meeting your goal(s), you may experience disappointment, frustration, and anxiety. If anything like that happens, you need to pause and give yourself grace. Then reset.

Once you’ve caught your breath, there are several steps to get to where you need to go. Listen to this short video to hear the steps you’ll want to take. Click here now.

Here’s where to start:

Ask God to Help You. (See Prov. 19:21) If you’re trying to set goals on your own, you’re certain to run into snags and challenges more often than not. But if you are intentional to look up for your help and guidance, over time, you’ll see results that exceed what you envisioned.

Deconstruct Your Goal. Analyze the goal you struggled to meet. Try to pinpoint where things went off.  You may find there is a way for you to achieve this goal by tweaking things slightly. 

Learn from What You Uncover. Once you understand what happened, make changes to the goal. Remember what happened before you create and tackle future plans. Evaluate any new possibilities that your failure revealed.

Break It Down. Consider cutting bigger goals into smaller chunks to make your objective more manageable. If you add in some type of reward to celebrate successes as they happen, then you’ll be more motivated to push through things.

Don’t worry about what you didn’t do or what will happen tomorrow. Every day has enough trouble of its own. (See Matthew 6:33-34)

Remember, roadblocks, challenges, and even failure along the way is inevitable for all of us. How you respond is essential to your future success. 


P.S. It is okay to miss goals if you learn from the experience. I share with you what to do in this short video. Click here to listen now.