As entrepreneurial business owners, we share at least one common goal: We all want to be successful.

The need to succeed is basic to every person. But your definition and mine might be completely different because we all have specific goals to support the various services our businesses offer.

Success might include hitting a financial milestone within x-number of months or getting your first twenty clients. The options are endless.

How you define ‘success’ is completely personal to you and your business. 

Society, on the other hand, tends to measure accomplishments by money. Merriam-Webster validates that stance by defining success as “the attainment of wealth.”

While making money is a good thing, it isn’t how most believers measure their progress. The success of faith-based entrepreneurs extends far beyond finances because it is rooted in our values and faith.

If we trust that God will offer resources to help us grow our businesses, then we will receive the desires of our hearts. (See Prov. 16:3 and Psalm 37:4)

So far, so good. Right? But if we’re supposed to trust in our faith to help us reach successhow do we do that? 

Let me give you a few tips here, and I’ll share some others in a video where I offer you “Three Secrets to Success.” 

  • Take Risks. There is no faith without taking risks. (Many Bible stories demonstrate risk-taking. See Noah, Abraham, and Noah.)
  • Be Accountable. Your success is your responsibility. You need to visualize your goals and be willing to sacrifice to reach them. 
  • Anticipate Obstacles. Many fail because they stop whenever they encounter challenges. Realize that unexpected things will happen and plan to push through when they do.

Now that you have the right mindset, let’s unpack three secrets that will help you strive to reach your goals. Click here to listen to this short how-to video now.

Whatever you do, don’t stop pushing forward. Remember that you’ll continually walk through peaks and valleys as you pursue your passion.

Jim Rohn put it this way: “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.”

P.S. Want to create success? Listen to this short video clip where I tell you three tips that will help you flourish. Click here now.