MONEY is a sensitive topic for a lot of people. Most of us are unwilling to give others a behind the scenes look at our financial picture. It feels vulnerable.

A couple of weeks ago I found myself thinking, “If I only had more money, then I would not be so anxious and the decision would be easier to make!”

I was contemplating investing in something for my business. Then, as I sat in my thoughts I realized, this is deeper than money!

There are always financial needs and bills to be paid, right? You might feel like the answer to your immediate need IS money. Bills are piled up. Repairs need to be done. Things are worn out & outgrown and need to be replaced. I get it.

BUT »» It. Does. NOT. end.

Having more money could be “an answer” and sustain us for a while to meet our immediate need, but then what? What happens when that well runs dry and the needs come up again? (you know they will!)

What hit me that day, when I was thinking money was my answer, was this:

What I do with what I have is the answer.

AGAIN, I understand there are immediate needs for money that are truly legitimate. However, how we use what’s been given us and the resources we have is the answer that will sustain us.

I have wasted SO much money on things I’ve not used or gotten the most out of or thrown out or not taken advantage of.

I have wasted SO much time which in turn has cost me money.

It makes me sick to think about who much I’ve squandered over the years.

Can you relate?

For me?!?! I’m choosing to shift my thinking from “needing money” to being a good steward of what’s been given to me.

I truly believe we are all equipped and have exactly what we need to take our next steps with purpose in every area of our lives with God as our provider.

May we choose to LOOK UP for the answer!

Where are you at on this topic? Comment below and let me know your thoughts — I would LOVE to hear from YOU!