Do you find yourself saying ‘yes’ to any project that comes your way because you need to make money? (It is so so tempting to do that.)

Believe it or not, knowing when to say ‘no’ will save you time and money. Saying ‘no’ to a money-making project when you’re trying to build a business and pay your bills may seem like the wrong thing to do. But it isn’t. Working with clients who aren’t a good fit has the potential to:

  • Take more time than you planned
  • Eat into any profit you might make
  • Decrease your confidence
  • Make you feel frustrated and resentful

When you have a discovery call or are connecting with a potential client and your heart tells you the client isn’t the right fit, they probably aren’t for you. Listen to that voice in your spirit because it is usually right, especially if you’re looking. (see Prov. 3:5-6)  Don’t say ‘yes’ to the project just because you can or feel you could learn how. The ‘fake it to you make it’ approach will create more headaches than it is worth.

Avoid the pitfall of accepting anyone who comes your way. Give yourself permission to say ‘this project is outside of the services I offer’ or ‘my schedule is already filled.’ But do so thoughtfully, so you don’t burn a bridge. Add additional finesse by offering valuable insights that point the prospect in the right direction. For example, you may offer a tip to help them move forward or refer them to another entrepreneur who could help them.

Remember: Finding the right client will serve you better in the long run because you’ll get repeat business based on the excellent experience and quality work you’ve produced.