Imposter syndrome IS. A. THING!  I hear this ALL the time from the women I work with…  They don’t feel equipped or worthy or like they have the expertise to be doing what they are doing — compared to others.  If you’ve ever thought this way, listen in!  YOU can make an impact no matter where you’re starting, promise!

We all start somewhere!  We all have a beginning — no matter what products and services you’re selling at one point, it was your FIRST day “on the job” — as we learn and grow we become better.  We refine our skills, we gain new insights and knowledge — we are ALL on a journey of BECOMING.

I’m a true believer that you are equipped right now to do what you’re feeling called to do.  You are equipped to take your next right step and serve your clients with what you have to offer.

It all starts with what WE THINK!  It’s in our minds.  If you think you can — you can… if you think you can’t and most likely won’t and it will keep you stuck from reaching your goals and significantly impacting the success of your business!

So how do we make an impact even if we don’t “feel” like an expert yet?  How do we rise above the imposter syndrome?  LET me share 4 ways…

  1. Acknowledge the negative thoughts — I call them the ANTS (automatic negative thoughts) that you’re telling yourself and offset them with the truth.
  2. Get CRYSTAL CLEAR about WHO you serve and HOW you can help them get results.  This builds confidence.
  3. Take action!  Connect with others and start talking about it!  Action leads to momentum and momentum fuels more action and gives you energy.
  4. Surround yourself with others who GET YOU!  Other women who are entrepreneurs, building businesses.  SO often we are isolating ourselves and surrounding ourselves with people who don’t understand business or what it takes to grow and scale a business, we listen to the naysayers who see us in a different light. Having a safe place to connect and talk about ALL these things is priceless and will be key to business success.