Over the years, as I’ve worked with a lot of women entrepreneurs just like you, I’ve learned there is one thing that holds back so many. It is fear. (We all suffer from this at one time or another.)

You may have heard me share this before, but I “do things afraid” every day. (None of us are immune to the tentacles of fear.)

Fear isn’t rational and impacts us in different ways from fear of the unknown, success, failure, mistakes, things not being perfect, etc. No matter how fear shows up in your life, we each need to rise above it and keep moving forward.

Here’s what you need to know: If you don’t move through fear, you’ll never get to the other side. (Don’t run the risk of missing what’s on the other side.)

We have two choices with fear:

  • Forget Everything And Run
  • Face Everything And Rise.

Using the same acronym, we see two completely different meanings and outcomes.

Here’s another way to look at it. Fear is also False Evidence Appearing Real. When we push through and do things afraid, we’ll realize it wasn’t that bad when we get to the other side.

While there are a lot of different ways we can move through fear, there is one primary way I use to move through it. I look up and go with God.

Instead of relying on other systems or people to get me through, I do this:

  1. Pause
  2. Take a step back
  3. Ask God to lead and guide me.

When I allow Him to give me strength and confidence, I’m leaning into an audience of ONE. In turn, I’m putting a smile on God’s face and getting things done instead of worrying about pleasing or gaining approval from others.

The Bible is filled with verses to remind us to look to God no matter what we face. In fact, reading those verses will give you a sense of peace and power when you “do things afraid.” (See Isaiah 41:10, Phil. 4:6-7, and 2 Tim. 1:7 to get started.)

If you want to hear more about this topic, click here to listen to a 6-minute clip where I address fear with women entrepreneurs.

Be encouraged, and go with God!