Here’s one thing I know for sure »» we. need. others.

This week, September began — did the first 8 months of the year go by as quickly for you as it did for me? YIKES! It seems like the older I get the quicker time goes by.

Did you accomplish everything you’d hope to the past 8 months? I didn’t.

NO excuses.

Just an opportunity to re-group, re-commit, and start again.

One question I’m asking myself, and want to encourage you to ask yourself is:

WHO? « Who do I need on my team to help me get to where I want to go?

Think personally + professionally. Think about your goals. Think about ALL areas of your life: emotional. spiritual. health & wellness. relationships. financial. professional.

WHO…do you need to invite in for accountability? encouragement? knowledge or wisdom?

WHO…might you need to hire to support you? delegate to?

WHO…might you need to surround yourself with? connect with?

WHO do YOU need on your “team” for this season of your life?

Decide to »» Build that team!

I’ve worked really hard over the past several years to build my team. The shortlist consists of:

  • Accountability partners: one for my business and one for my personal life.
  • A rock-star employee to help me with business development and a variety of details.
  • A virtual assistant “group” who does miscellaneous projects for my business + bookkeeping.
  • A social media, content strategy, graphic design company that keeps me moving forward with fresh ideas.
  • A house cleaner to help me with domestic duties. YUK!
  • An “on-call” handyman who fixes things, changes filters, light bulbs, etc.
  • A business “bestie” who gets me and I can share all my crazy ideas with!
  • A prayer warrior!
  • Several car-pooling moms to help out when I’m in a bind!


Our teams can change as we move through different seasons of life. Right now I’m looking to fill a couple of roles, 2 areas that need help »» health/fitness + a business coach! I’ve had both of these in the past, I need to re-engage and have a plan to do that THIS week!

WHO do YOU need on your team?

What action will you take to make that happen?

Comment below and let us know!


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