As you’re preparing for the week ahead, are you focused on right now or your future?

In the past few weeks, several of my clients shared they were mapping out the next 90 days, both personally and professionally. Setting goals, determining action plans and getting excited about what next are natural steps for any entrepreneur to do.

Thinking about the future, making a plan, and moving towards goals will make us feel accomplished.  

But what if we obsess about these plans and goals? What if we become too preoccupied with achieving them? 

After a while, our obsessions will become out of control passions that create strongholds in our lives. Yikes! We don’t want to do that, especially since 2 Cor. 10:4 and Prov. 21:22 encourage us to demolish any strongholds.

For most of us, making progress is part of our nature. Anticipating the future to see our dreams realized fuels us to keep moving forward.  I get it because I’m running alongside you.

But what if you were intentional in creating a balanced life and focus on the NOW?

I believe five priceless things will better equip us NOW for what is yet to come. These five things include: 

  1. The people we meet.
  2. The people we have the opportunity to serve.
  3. The people we have the privilege to help.
  4. The many lessons we learn.
  5. The knowledge we gain.

To gain this value, we NEED to stay focused on the NOW! 

Where are YOU at with balance versus obsession?  Do you find yourself wishing you were somewhere else?  Dreaming things were different?  Are you constantly obsessing about what’s next? 

When I feel myself getting restless and discontented, I answer YES to these questions. How about you?

If we remind ourselves to embrace the now, we will go farther and accomplish more than ever.

Plan for what’s NEXT, experience everything NOW has to offer. I promise you’ll be happier and more successful when you strive to live a balanced life.  

Here’s to balance and keeping focused on NOW.

Comment below and let me know what you’re focusing on NOW. I can’t wait to hear from you.