10 years ago, when I started my company, I was told »» you need to get out and network to meet more people and grow your business!

I knew the importance and value of expanding my circle of influence, but I struggled with it.

Do you ever show up at networking events, parties, conferences, etc. for business and feel uncomfortable? out of place? or maybe even a little “judged” by others around you?

IF so, I can relate.

For me, those feelings were more about me, my insecurities and lack of clarity than the environment I was in or the people I was connecting with. I wasn’t confident or clear about many things in my business. Things like:

  • Target Market (I would work with anyone who was breathing! ha!)
  • Messaging (vision + mission statement? core values? problems I solved? I had no clue!)
  • Pricing and Product/Services (I was all over the board!)
  • Processes/Systems (flying by the seat of my pants, for sure!)

To be completely honest. Back then, I looked confident on the outside, but inside, I was scared and clueless. The phrase “fake it ’til you make it” described me! GROSS!

Fast forward about 7 years to May 2016. I decided to create a space for like-minded women business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals. A safe place for women to show up, come as they are, be renewed, encouraged, fulfilled, inspired, nurtured, and equipped to take their next steps with purpose — personally, professionally, and in their faith!

No “fake it ’til you make it”
No judgement

In the Refine Community we are ALL about growing our businesses — setting goals, learning, masterminding, coaching, cheering each other on…and SO much more!

How are YOU showing up?

Do you have a supportive place where you can “come as you are, connect as you are” — authentically showing the full package: the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful?

So often we don’t feel good enough, or that we need to be someone different than who we really are, especially when we are out networking and trying to grow our businesses. Say good-bye to that!

Meet »» Tena Pettis, one of our members. Watch the short video below to hear her Refine Story and the impact Refine is having in her life and her business.

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