I coach hundreds of women business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals. The one thing I find myself repeating over and over again in conversations with my clients is…

You can NOT live on love and fresh air!

It’s part funny and part serious.

What frustrates business owners most is lack of revenue or sales. It’s the one challenge or stumbling block that the majority of business owners, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs have in common. They need more sales, more customers or clients!

What keeps them up at night is thinking of ways to get their cash register to ring. Here’s the deal, there are essentially 3 ways to make more money in your business. You can:

  1. SELL MORE products and services
  2. CUT expenses
  3. RAISE your prices

Let’s unpack the third way »» RAISE your prices!

If you have control over your pricing »» INCREASE YOUR PRICES! Take a look at what you’re offering and DO IT! Most people are under charging and are afraid to increase their prices for a couple of reasons:

  • FEAR …they will not get clients or that they may lose current clients.
  • LACK of confidence, they compare themselves to others and get in their own head about not feeling worthy of charging more or good enough.
  • FOCUS on the wrong thing, they are too focused on selling features, process, and “how-to” instead of the benefits or the outcome.

What I suggest is, develop a strategic plan on how to communicate the solutions your products and services offer to the problems your target market has, that are keeping them up at night, so pricing isn’t the obstacle. YOU are the solution they are praying for!

If you’re afraid to increase your prices — we can help YOU!  We come alongside our clients and members of the Refine Community every week grow their businesses!

One tweak, idea, or mind shift could move the needle forward in a BIG way! Let’s do this and make an impact!

YOU are worth EVERY penny! That’s the truth!

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