It’s SO easy to go through life on auto pilot. Most of us have extremely full plates and wear a lot of hats. But, from time to time, it’s important to turn the mirror around and “check-in” with ourselves, personally + professional, to assess how things are going.


Additionally, when we invest our time, money, and energy into learning, attending events, conferences, or networking — we have the opportunity to get a great return on our investment if we discover what action we need to take based on what we’ve learned or experienced.

Not taking appropriate action is simply a waste. But we do it, unintentionally — because we just don’t have an easy to implement plan to do otherwise, or it can be overwhelming.

Several years ago, I started to ask myself 3 simple questions to help me with this. These 3 questions gave me clarity and to take action — to keep moving towards my goals and dreams, and also helped me see what I could celebrate! I know they will do the same for YOU!

The 3 questions are:

  1. What will I start doing? (what action do I need to take, improve on)
  2. What will I stop doing? (what is not serving me well)
  3. What will I continue doing? (where am I winning, what’s going right)


What do you think?

How often are you checking in with yourself?

How are you getting the best ROI after you invest in yourself?

Do you see the value of knowing the answers to these questions and how they can better equip you to make forward progress?

I hope so! Shine ON! xoxo