This past week I connected with several clients, who are business owners, they were discouraged about the lack of progress made towards their goals so far this year.

I get it.

We get SO excited about jumpstarting the new year. We have GREAT intentions to do big things, personally + professionally. We are ready to hit the ground running!



We revert back to old habits, “wrong thinking”, overwhelm, lack of focus, etc. The list can get long of things that sneak in to derail us!

On thing that helps me stay on track is »» TRACKING!

When I started my business 10 years ago, in 2009! (YIKES! Yes, this year is our 10 year “business” anniversary! WHOOT!) Anyway…when I started my business I heard a keynote speaker at an event say, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth tracking. If it’s worth tracking it’s worth doing.” «« I’ve never forgotten those words.

I wanted to pass them along to YOU!

Discover ways to track everything you’re working towards! I don’t care if your goals are personal or professional. If they are to release 25 pounds, eat healthier, drink more water, or generate 100K in sales, get 20 new clients, or improve your relationship with Jesus, your spouse, your kids!

Every single one of the goals or dreams we set out to accomplish can be tracked!

When we commit to tracking, we stay on track! BAM!

What happens when we “track” our activity + progress, we focus on it. It keeps the main thing(s) the main thing(s).

There are many fun + creative ways we can track! We make charts, lists, graphs. We can do it manually, or with technology: reminders on our phones, calendars, apps, Fitbits, Apple Watches… just to name a few!

If we don’t track, keeping a pulse on what’s happening each day, we lose sight of where we are going and then…we get discouraged, defeated, and…well, it’s just not fun. RIGHT?

I want to encourage you today »» figure out ways to track your progress for everything you’re doing, because I’m assuming if you’re doing it, it’s worth doing! Why else would you be doing it? duh!

No matter how you started the year, tomorrow is a NEW day!  Decide what to track and take action!

You’ve got this! Shine ON! xoxo