Could you talk about this for hours?

Getting crystal clear on our messaging and what we stand for to attract our ideal customer to grow our businesses can be tough and time consuming.

It can take a lot of time with a whole bunch of trial & error to "dial-it-in" and get it just right. Then, just when we think we've nailed it -- we as business owners, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs -- need to revisit our messaging frequently to ensure we are still on track.

WHY? Because as we evolve and work with different types of people we come to realize + discover more and more what matters most and what we are passionate about helping people accomplish through the products and services we offer.

One GREAT question to continue to ask yourself, to help you discover and refine your messaging is this »» Could you talk about this for hours?

Seriously. What is your soap box?

If you were given the opportunity to stand in front of a large audience and talk for 2 hours without any notes -- what would your topic be without hesitation?

Often times we are looking around at what others in our industries are talking about, comparing our selves with how they are showing up -- when we need to do the opposite! We need to unpack our unique voice so we can articulate it and make it known through effective communication.

Your target marketing will be attracted to you for a couple of reasons:

  1. You have the ability to solve a problem that they have with your products and services.
  2. They resonate with WHO YOU ARE as a company/brand.

Let me give you an example of how this works and share with you my "soap box" and what I could talk about for HOURS and HOURS without any notes in front of hundreds or thousands of people:

  • Discovering truth! Stop believing the lies that keep you stuck. You are enough and equipped to take your next right step even if you have to do it afraid. Failure is an event -- it doesn't define you, it happened. Use it to fuel you!
  • Community, Connection, Support! We don't have all the answers & we need others! We were not created to do life alone. We are called to love and serve others. Bless other's socks off and receive that from others.
  • Collaboration over Competition! We are in God's economy -- there is enough for everyone, lets seek Him first in all we do encouraging one another!
  • Forever learning! Being stuck does not serve us well. We need to take action and move forward asking for what we need, looking for solutions.

...there you have it -- a glimpse into my "soap box"

YES, my company -- Keeping it Personal, equips women business owners to increase revenue and make more impact. BUT when you package up what you could talk about for hours, you can take the "soap box" brain dump (like my list above) and create a more powerful message, like this:

So many women business owners, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs don’t have a solid plan to grow their businesses. They feel isolated and alone; searching for tools, encouragement, connection and collaboration. We provide the framework (training, coaching, community) and strategy to take their business to the next level so they can generate more revenue and make more impact.

Now it's your turn!

Is you messaging dialed in? Is it on point to attract your target market?

IF YES. I'd love to hear it! Leave a comment below!

IF NO. Don't worry! You can start today -- by answering the question! And, of course, we'd love to help you if you're stuck.

If you are a women business owner, entrepreneur, or sales professional that needs help navigating through this type of "stuff" -- we are here to help! Click this link to learn more and join us! When you do, you'll get a link to my calendar to set up a 1:1 coaching call -- we can work through this together!

Do you like how you are being treated?

This topic is a little touchy, but super important.

Have you been in a relationship, or are you in one now (personally + professionally) -- and you don't like how you're being treated?

Are there people you walk away from, or hang up the phone with, or get an email/text message from that steal your joy?

I come along side women entrepreneurs and business owners every day helping them navigate through a variety of things -- and one of those "things" is relationships.

Relationships with clients, peers, spouses, children, vendors, moms and more!

I find myself consistently reminding them of this TRUTH...


The only person you can control is YOU!

When we unpack any relationship or interaction we have with others that leaves us feeling frustrated, upset, sad, not good enough, or defeated -- we must turn the mirror around and look at ourselves.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that you're responsible for another person's behavior, this is not about blame.

What I am saying is, you have power over your reactions. If there is a person in your life who isn't treating you with the respect and consideration you deserve, you have a couple of decisions to make:

  1. Are you willing to accept accountability?
  2. Do you really want to make a change?

If the answer is yes, then I have great news for you! YOU have the opportunity to do something different to get a different result. WHOOT! It doesn't have to be that way!

The question you MUST ask yourself and know the answer to is: "What am I doing to draw out this person's behavior or allow it to continue?" «« keep in mind, your inaction speaks for you.

Something has to change for there to be a change.

The change starts with you!

Use your voice. Set boundaries. Strengthen your yes + no muscles. Establish a plan to respond differently or maybe, just maybe -- walk away from what's not serving you well creating a healthy distance between you and the other person.

The ball is in your court! What a gift!

This is not another persons problem or responsibility, it's yours «« that's the biggest blessing + great news, because your tomorrow's can look different than your todays.

PS. If you are a women business owner, entrepreneur, or sales professional that needs help navigating through this type of "stuff" -- we are here to help! Click this link to learn about the Refine Community and join us! When you do, you'll get a link to my calendar to set up a 1:1 coaching call -- we can work through this together! xoxo Teri

What are you tracking?

This past week I connected with several clients, who are business owners, they were discouraged about the lack of progress made towards their goals so far this year.

I get it.

We get SO excited about jumpstarting the new year. We have GREAT intentions to do big things, personally + professionally. We are ready to hit the ground running!



We revert back to old habits, "wrong thinking", overwhelm, lack of focus, etc. The list can get long of things that sneak in to derail us!

On thing that helps me stay on track is »» TRACKING!

When I started my business 10 years ago, in 2009! (YIKES! Yes, this year is our 10 year "business" anniversary! WHOOT!) Anyway...when I started my business I heard a keynote speaker at an event say, "If it's worth doing, it's worth tracking. If it's worth tracking it's worth doing." «« I've never forgotten those words.

I wanted to pass them along to YOU!

Discover ways to track everything you're working towards! I don't care if your goals are personal or professional. If they are to release 25 pounds, eat healthier, drink more water, or generate 100K in sales, get 20 new clients, or improve your relationship with Jesus, your spouse, your kids!

Every single one of the goals or dreams we set out to accomplish can be tracked!

When we commit to tracking, we stay on track! BAM!

What happens when we "track" our activity + progress, we focus on it. It keeps the main thing(s) the main thing(s).

There are many fun + creative ways we can track! We make charts, lists, graphs. We can do it manually, or with technology: reminders on our phones, calendars, apps, Fitbits, Apple Watches... just to name a few!

If we don't track, keeping a pulse on what's happening each day, we lose sight of where we are going and then...we get discouraged, defeated, and...well, it's just not fun. RIGHT?

I want to encourage you today »» figure out ways to track your progress for everything you're doing, because I'm assuming if you're doing it, it's worth doing! Why else would you be doing it? duh!

No matter how you started the year, tomorrow is a NEW day!  Decide what to track and take action!

You've got this! Shine ON! xoxo

Schedule This Now

I've got a couple of questions for you:

  1. Has your head ever hit the pillow at night, exhausted, but then as you think about your day -- you didn't accomplish what you had hoped to?
  2. Do days, hours, minutes pass by while projects and ideas linger?
  3. Are you not getting the results you're expecting or wishing you were more productive?

IF you answered YES to any of the Q's above, you are NOT alone!

One of the biggest challenges most of us face is overwhelm and lack of productivity. We've got way too much on our plates!

What I've found to be the BEST antidote = SCHEDULE THIS NOW!

It's not revolutionary or rocket science.

It's simple.

...or maybe it's simply hard! ha.

Here's the "roadmap" that can work for all of us:

Determine what needs to get done.
Map it out.
Schedule it on your calendar.

Most people miss the first and the last piece of the roadmap. They fail to plan therefore, they don't do it. *sigh*

OR...they plan, but don't follow through with execution because other things rise up, that aren't a part of the plan, needing attention -- they get distracted and don't go back to the plan.

It can become a vicious cycle. That leaves us feeling guilty, like a failure, not good enough, etc...the list goes on.

BUT. It can stop.

Just reset. Then, start the "roadmap" again.

Each day is a NEW day!

What's your plan? Carve out some time to determine what needs to get done to move you towards your goals, map it out -- schedule this NOW on your calendar, then DO IT!

I believe in YOU!   Shine ON! xoxo