NEW + IMPROVED isn’t always better, or the solution.

Let me explain.

When it comes to marketing and growing our businesses — we are bombarded everywhere with “new” and fresh ways to do things! Technology continues to evolve with new tools, apps, platforms for us to gain exposure. It can be really overwhelming.

Are you looking for the “next best thing” to market your business?

Let me suggest »» looking back!

Ask yourself the question in the subject of this email, “What has worked in the past?”

If you’re anything like me — we look forward! We are on to the next thing, embracing new ideas, opportunities, solutions. We want results! (in all areas of life, right?)

But, in ALL areas of our life — we can ask ourself and others the question, what’s worked?

Instead of re-inventing the wheel »» DO MORE OF WHAT’S WORKED!

Dust something off!
Refresh it!
Give it a little tweak, if needed!

Don’t get me wrong, there is room for new too! But, it’s not always the answer.

Take a look at your goals, personally + professionally, has something worked before that could work again?

Something to chew on + inspire YOU!

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