In business, most often, sales solve ALL problems.

There’s one common issue I see most sales professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs have »» their cash register is NOT ringing enough!

…can you relate?

One way to build business buzz, and attract your target market to want to learn more about your products and services, is to talk about the problems that you solve for them!

Do you have a top 20 list? «« a list of the top 20 problems that you solve for your clients?

IF not, make one!

There are many ways this one list can serve us in our business! Here are a couple of examples:

  1. Content Content Content • for blogs, emails, podcasts, social media, youtube videos, etc. Each problem on your list (and sub-problems of the problems) are topics to share about!
  2. Great Questions • great questions, lead to meaningful conversations. When you are crystal clear about the problems you solve for your target market, you can ask great questions to get conversations going about the topic. You never know what could be on the overside of a conversation.
  3. Referrals • when you know the problems you solve and communicate them to others, people refer the people they know to you who have that problem!

Another powerful way this list serves us is, it keeps them top of mind — for US! We can keep our list handy, and review it frequently. It’s amazing what happens and how often opportunities present themselves when we are on high alert.

Here’s what I know, there are people laying in bed at night praying for an answer to a problem they have — and YOU have a solution!

Don’t be the best kept secret!

Develop your list. Keep it top of mind. Talk about it. «« your business with thank YOU!


Do you need help with your top 20 list + to get your cash register ringing? We’ve got you covered! If you’re a women business owner, entrepreneur, or sales professional looking to grow your business and make more impact and you’re not yet a member of the Refine Community ….check it out here! We’d love to help you take your business to the next level.