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Thursday, November 12th
from 8:30am to 8:30pm



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Here are the details:
When:  Thursday, November 12th
Time:  8:30am to 8:30pm
Where:  The Lake, 10088 199th Street West, Lakeville, MN
Cost: $197
Includes: 3 Healthy Meals + snacks + beverages throughout the day


If you are an entrepreneur or business professional -- coach, consultant, author, speaker, or a service professional (such as a local marketer or social media manager), OR looking for focused personal time,  then this day will be extremely valuable to YOU!

Accomplish more in this 1 day than some get done in 30!  ALSO, make new connections, friendships, network, and experience "light bulbs" and AH-HA moments...SO many great moments!

This is YOUR day to get what YOU need...

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    Maybe you've got looming projects that need to be completed.  Bring your "I don't want to do list" to the lake and DO IT!

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    You could clean out your email inbox, following-up with new and old connections, or organizing your digital files/pictures to be more productive.  Or perhaps you need time to write or read, or just a time to reflect -- you could do THAT!

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    Are you desiring time to focus on your business and/or life because you get SO busy doing and running your business and life that planning and strategy get put on the back burner!  This could be your day!

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    Are you're craving connection and being around amazing women, eating healthy awesome food, getting your soul nurtured, having great encouraging conversations, and good laughs!  We've GOT ALL OF THAT!


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