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YOU can face every life situation, past + present + positive + privative, head-on boldly with confidence!  I will show you how!

WHY life coaching?


None of us know what we are missing, until we experience something we benefit from, and then it's gone, right?

That's what happens when you have an AWESOME life coach!  You can't imagine how you "did" life before the relationship began.  

Most people have no idea what life coaches do. Additionally, they have no idea what kind of person would even hire a life coach.

So, here’s some types of people who could use some coaching:

  • You're restless  ::  you know there's something more to life -- you DESIRE more, but you're just not sure what that is or how to get there.  
  • You're comfortable  ::  believe it or not, comfortable doesn't always mean your life is fruitful.  Stepping out of the routine and that safe place is sometimes where we come ALIVE!
  • You're sad  ::  either you need change or you need to change
  • You're happy  ::  this is a GREAT motivator for growth -- you're eager to reach out and grab what's out there and willing to do the work
  • You're afraid  ::  afraid of failure, afraid of success, afraid of what people will think - the opinions of others, afraid of looking stupid, afraid of being alone, afraid of being seen, afraid of not being seen, afraid of leaving a relationship
  • You're done with therapy  ::  you've uncovered and are healing from your past issues. Now it's time to move forward!

I am trained AND experienced to listen, observe and customize an approach to meet YOUR needs.  Together we will find solutions and strategies that will help you move forward.

The Keeping it Personal™ Coaching Program brings you through a simple 3 step process: Overcome. Refine. Become.

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"4 life coaching benefits you can not live without!"

1. Clarity. Unpack and get crystal clear about what you want, why you want it and how you can get it.

2. Overcome. Move past and through obstacles, low confidence and insecurities.

3. Possibilities.  Explore and evaluate all options available to you through with an unbiased "emotionally-unattached" perspective.

4. Accountability. Focusing on strategies and life plans, you will be given encouragement + support.  A valuable "sounding board" full of knowledge + skill + advice needed to achieve your specific life goals.

5. Celebration.  No success or progress is too small to celebrate.  Every little step in the right direction is significant.  You have an authentic cheerleader by your side who notices YOU and rejoices with YOU!

At some point in everyone's life, we will need someone to guide us through the mucky haze and back to safe grounds. In a world full of adversity and uncertain futures, it’s always comforting to know that there’s someone out there — whether it’s a friend, a therapist or a coach — to give us a helping hand.
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happy clients 

“Teri is an amazing coach. Her personal experiences and perspective on life make her very equipped to work with women and men, couples and single, adults and children. My life has been blessed by Teri through the Ultimate Journey, one to one coaching and her book. I live a very joy filled life with purpose and intention, accepting all my nevers as God’s very well designed plan. I am blessed to by Teri and so are my kids through Teri and me as a better parent.“ — SUSANNE

"Teri is great about hearing the needs of her client and working to try and find solutions or ways she can encourage you through whatever it is you are going through. She is very compassionate and empathic, yet shows tough love, too. She doesn’t just let you whine or complain – she challenges YOU to find or make changes that can improve things. I appreciate Teri’s upbeat personality. Teri has a voice of experience and can identify with her client easily. Teri has been a blessing to me.“ — ANDREA

“Working with Teri has been tremendously beneficial to me and my business.  Our sessions are always so productive and I leave feeling a sense of great accomplishment.  She inspires and motivates me to stay focused and get things done!  Teri’s support and encouragement have definitely contributed to my growth both personally and professionally.  I feel incredibly grateful to be connected with her!”  — BETH

God has a plan for your life and if you are not sure about what that plan is let Teri help you unravel it.  Why Teri?  She is dynamic, gifted in her profession, talented, real, enthusiastic, honest with her insight, and encouraging.  Her knowledge and experience will help you identify, tackle and overcome the roadblocks keeping you from taking it to the next level.  I can directly attribute my personal and professional growth to the investment I made in ME when I chose to hire Teri.  She is in her element and she will help you get into yours. — SUSAN

"Frequently Asked Questions"

What is the Cost?  What is the investment in ME?

All my clients begin with the "Peel Back The Layer" session.  This two-hour jump start is POWERFUL!  You can get started NOW for only $297.

After this session I offer three coaching bundles from which you can choose where cost varies depending on the frequency of the sessions. 

What's the difference?  life coach vs. therapist

Life coaching and therapy are both based on support, trust and complete confidentiality.
They also make equal use of listening skills and non-judgmental attitudes toward the client.  Some say that therapy deals with the past and handling emotional pain; whereas, coaching deals more with the near future and devising action plans toward a specific goal.

You can’t move toward the future without turning the page on the past. Attaining a life coach is recommended after unresolved matters are settled. Coaching may not be what you need if you have unresolved issues of the past. On the same token, if you need coaching you don't need to get therapy first.

A therapist often seeks insight and understanding of a person’s psyche rather than focusing on strategies and life plans.

The major difference between a life coach and a therapist is the relationship between the client and the coach. The synergy between the two goes beyond what standard therapy offers. The sessions are not confined to the usual meeting rooms — more and more people contact their coach by phone, e-mail or even meet for a quick coffee.

How do we have our sessions together?

Sessions take place via Phone. or Skype. {IF you live in Minnesota, we can periodically meet face to face at my office}

During our time together we focus on YOU and what's on your mind.  Each session is different based on your goals, but at the end of each session, you will have tasks to complete, exercises to do or things to practice prior to the next session to keep you taking action + moving forward!

Why Does Life Coaching Work?

Unlike other forms of self-help or therapy, life coaching offers a new look on basic human needs. Partnership, support and know-how are areas that distinguish life coaching from other therapies.

How Long Will I need Life Coaching?  What's the commitment Policy?

The length of our relationship varies since everyone has specific needs and goals.  BUT, I strive to equip my clients so they will not need me!  I DO!   I teach them how to practically apply tools into their lives!  I will do the same with YOU!

The commitment?  Like any new seed planted, it takes proper nourishment and care to develop, to see growth, to sustain change. The same is true with this relationship – our policy is that you make an initial commitment to working together for 3 months.

When should I book my first session?

NOW! What are you waiting for? The benefits are priceless.  It's easy to get started, just click this link --> "YES! I want to take action!"