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We First Look at Ourselves

first look at yourself

It’s not easy, is it? …looking at ourselves F I R S T. Every bone in my body wants to look everywhere, outside of myself, for the source of the problem when relationships are strained and challenging or when a situation in life becomes an obstacle. I get into “fix it” mode. My mind goes  …

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I’m grateful something went wrong!

Wayne Dyer Quote

Last Sunday two emails went out to everyone who was in my data base.  One with the subject line of: “The Ripple Effect = POWERFUL” and the other with the subject line of: “WHOA!! THAT was NOT supposed to happen”. Something went really wrong with my technology, BUT… …I’m SO grateful it did. {Here a  …

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The Ripple Effect = POWERFUL


I think I’m FINALLY “decompressed” from The Refine Conference. I’m wrapping up some loose ends, looking forward, and reviewing ALL the notes I took — my take-aways from the speakers who I had the opporturnity to listen to. Here’s a quick list of my “nuggets”: “Empathetic Competition” – Cathy Paper << I love that coined  …

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Power Word: EQUIP


Here we are, the final day of the series –> unpacking the word …R.E.F.I.N.E.  If you missed any of the previous days, you can check them out:  Day 1 Renew ::: Day 2 Encourage ::: Day 3 Fulfill ::: Day 4 Inspire ::: Day 5 Nurture.  Today… E is for: EQUIP Are we ever fully  …

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