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Power Word: INSPIRE


Renew ::: Encourage ::: Fulfill <– I’ve been unpacking the word …R.E.F.I.N.E…this is day four.  Today… I is for: INSPIRE We need inspiration — a “fire” — of some sort lit under us to keep us moving forward.  It can be a small amount of inspiration, it doesn’t have to be revolutionary, that triggers us  …

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Power Word: FULFILL


This is our 3rd day into unpacking the word REFINE.  We started with “WHY I’m doing this” and the first word Renew, then we moved to the second word Encourage and now… F is for: FULFILL We give of ourselves everywhere! Yes…we give. When we do this, we empty out ourselves. Take a quick minute  …

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Yesterday I started to unpack the word …refine.  If you missed that post or want to understand WHY I’m doing this, GO –> here — R is for: RENEW.   E is for: ENCOURAGE We can be the giver and recipient of encouragement.  There are times when need a little “buttering-up” to lift us onwards and upwards.  …

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