Ready or NOT. Start?

Build Your Core

Are you one to start even if you’re not ready?  I am. Two days ago I laced up my runners to run the Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon in Phoenix AZ. When I registered for the race last fall, I had GREAT intentions of training and doing “better” this year than I had done last year. BUT, […]

Just another new year

Happy New Year 2015

Just another new year… …OR is it? The choice is yours! YES. it. IS! It’s a choice. You see, here’s the reality, “Nothing will work unless you do.” << I love this statement by Maya Angelou. Today we start chapter 2015 of our lives, page 1 of 365. I believe the “work” we must do […]

What have you don with THE Gift?

What have you done with THE Gift?

THIS question has not left my mind since the pastor asked it to all of us who attended the candle light Christmas Eve Service at Desert Springs Church… …What have you done with THE Gift? You know, THE Gift that God gave to us over 2000 years ago, His Son Jesus. THE reason we celebrate […]

We First Look at Ourselves

first look at yourself

It’s not easy, is it? …looking at ourselves F I R S T. Every bone in my body wants to look everywhere, outside of myself, for the source of the problem when relationships are strained and challenging or when a situation in life becomes an obstacle. I get into “fix it” mode. My mind goes […]