What have you don with THE Gift?

What have you done with THE Gift?

THIS question has not left my mind since the pastor asked it to all of us who attended the candle light Christmas Eve Service at Desert Springs Church… …What have you done with THE Gift? You know, THE Gift that God gave to us over 2000 years ago, His Son Jesus. THE reason we celebrate […]

We First Look at Ourselves

first look at yourself

It’s not easy, is it? …looking at ourselves F I R S T. Every bone in my body wants to look everywhere, outside of myself, for the source of the problem when relationships are strained and challenging or when a situation in life becomes an obstacle. I get into “fix it” mode. My mind goes […]

I’m grateful something went wrong!

Wayne Dyer Quote

Last Sunday two emails went out to everyone who was in my data base.  One with the subject line of: “The Ripple Effect = POWERFUL” and the other with the subject line of: “WHOA!! THAT was NOT supposed to happen”. Something went really wrong with my technology, BUT… …I’m SO grateful it did. {Here a […]

The Ripple Effect = POWERFUL


I think I’m FINALLY “decompressed” from The Refine Conference. I’m wrapping up some loose ends, looking forward, and reviewing ALL the notes I took — my take-aways from the speakers who I had the opporturnity to listen to. Here’s a quick list of my “nuggets”: “Empathetic Competition” – Cathy Paper << I love that coined […]