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Power Word: EQUIP


Here we are, the final day of the series –> unpacking the word …R.E.F.I.N.E.  If you missed any of the previous days, you can check them out:  Day 1 Renew ::: Day 2 Encourage ::: Day 3 Fulfill ::: Day 4 Inspire ::: Day 5 Nurture.  Today… E is for: EQUIP Are we ever fully  …

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Power Word: NURTURE


This week I’m sharing a “series” of posts unpacking the word …R.E.F.I.N.E.  If you’re new to the site or just jumping in, you can start from the beginning with day 1 and the word: Renew ::: day 2 Encourage ::: day 3 Fulfill ::: day 4 Inspire.  Today…   N is for: NURTURE This word sounds so “motherly”  …

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Power Word: INSPIRE


Renew ::: Encourage ::: Fulfill <– I’ve been unpacking the word …R.E.F.I.N.E…this is day four.  Today… I is for: INSPIRE We need inspiration — a “fire” — of some sort lit under us to keep us moving forward.  It can be a small amount of inspiration, it doesn’t have to be revolutionary, that triggers us  …

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