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Failure IS my friend.

Never a Failure Always A lesson

It’s TRUE, FAILURE is my friend, BUT… …I haven’t always felt that way. For many years I believed I was a failure!  YEP, I would beat myself up over and over again thinking of all the “misses” I had in life. It started at a young age, I can remember when I quit piano lessons,  …

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Ready or NOT. Start?

Build Your Core

Are you one to start even if you’re not ready?  I am. Two days ago I laced up my runners to run the Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon in Phoenix AZ. When I registered for the race last fall, I had GREAT intentions of training and doing “better” this year than I had done last year. BUT,  …

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Just another new year

Happy New Year 2015

Just another new year… …OR is it? The choice is yours! YES. it. IS! It’s a choice. You see, here’s the reality, “Nothing will work unless you do.” << I love this statement by Maya Angelou. Today we start chapter 2015 of our lives, page 1 of 365. I believe the “work” we must do  …

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