Ready for a little celebration?

Overcoming the Nevers

will YOU join me in a little celebration this month? Here’s WHY. In October 2011, my book, Overcoming the Nevers, was published — which means there’s a birthday coming UP… October 14th = Overcoming the Nevers turns 4! WHOOT! I’m “unofficially” dedicating this month to OVERCOMING and would love for you to JOIN me in […]

Don’t let life do you — DO LIFE!

Life Issues

Life is FULL of issues, right? I like to say this >> If you’re alive and breathing — you’re dealing with some kind of “life issue” << it’s just inevitable — AND you’re not alone! Take a quick-look-in-the-mirror and do little self check. Look at your 6 areas of personal perspective: emotional. spiritual. health & […]

The Joy Sutton Show

The Joy Sutton Show

What an honor and privilege to be a guest on The Joy Sutton Show!  Check out the two clips below, be patient — they have a short advertisement at the beginning.  =) If you are ready to “Overcome The Nevers” lets do IT together!  Join me one of two ways: Get the book >> click […]