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You're invite to attend the BECOME :: Productivity "get 'er done" Retreat! {for women, sorry guys!}

September 26th thru September 28th • Farmington, Minnesota


The ULTIMATE opportunity to get LASER focused and take ACTION on your list of projects and TO-DOs!


  • Collaborate and network with like-minded business professionals during strategic mastermind sessions + throughout the retreat. PLUS focused powerHOUR sessions!

  • GET THINGS DONE «« take action more talk -- this is productivity time laser focused on you and your priorities.

  • Receive THREE - 30 minute private 1-to-1 personal coaching sessions with yours truly -- Teri Johnson -- PRIOR to the retreat to ensure maximum "get 'er done" results! DURING the retreat to flush things out -- AFTER the retreat for accountability + moving forward!

  • Relocate yourself out of your "normal" everyday work space -- bring your to-do list and those looming projects to your designated work space, spread out -- take ACTION!

  • ENJOY 7 meals + beverages + snacks + great conversations + laughter + create FUN lasting memories + relationships!

This retreat is AMAZING + Life Changing! You do NOT want to miss out. Here's what a few past attendees had to say...

“I knew the minute I saw the post about the BECOME retreat, it was something I HAD to be at. Little did I know my employees would want to be there too! So three of us piled in the car and spent three amazing days creating some of our best work ever. From the relationships and courses we created during that time we have already paid for the retreat and made a profit! ACTUALLY, I've attended 3 of them and I can't wait for the next one -- pricelss!”  

— TENA PETTIS | tena.cious

“The Become Productivity Retreat is for any woman who needs guidance, clarity, calmness, positivity and exposure to great minds, thought process and getting things done! Before working with Teri I didn’t have clarity or focus. Now that my work with Teri is complete, I feel that I have a clear path to focus on and learned from Teri to stay in my own lane. She has amazing insight into helping me articulate areas in my business that have really helped me to build my roadmap.”

— ELIZABETH JOHNSON | Skill-Up Your Career

“The Become Retreat was a valuable, focused time for me to think strategically about my business and get stuff done. The mix of Teri’s insightful questions and coaching, great collaboration with a group of high caliber business owners, and time to work quietly on my own, was just what I needed. It was a huge blessing to get some time away from my usual distractions and be more intentional. Teri created a warm, respectful environment where each woman felt cherished and encouraged, but also challenged to grow…not to mention we all got tons of work done. That’s a rare combination!” 

— RACHEL MCDONOUGH | Make Your Money Count

Get ALL this » 2 nights accomodations, 7 meals + snacks, Strategic Masterminding Sesions, 3 Personal Private Coaching Sessions, Limitless Networking, Priceless Productivity Time -- AND MORE!

WARNING: Space is limited, ONLY 4 spots remaining! Reserve yours TODAY!

MORE Become Productivity Retreat LOVE...

“This retreat allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, get focused, and allow creativity to flow. Teri has helped me connect the dots to help me propel forward. I would recommend this retreat the women who is at a stand still either personally or professionally. If you want to move forward OR change directions, Teri will hear you, help you get clear on what you want, and design a plan for you to get there. She can meet you where you are and walk with you to the next phase/chapter.” 

— CHAR DOBBS | Char Style & Image

“IF you need to get things done – don’t’ miss out on THIS retreat! I was amazed by how much I was able to accomplish being out of my normal environment and having all my meals taken care of. The food was AMAZING! Not only was I productive, I also got great feedback from the other fabulous women who attended. Because of that, I was able to take massive action and launch something new that I had been talking about for months. Teri has a special gift for creating a safe space to help us create and help each other!” 

— DEB BROWN | Touch Your Clients Hearts

“I was excited to attend the BECOME retreat. Finally, a few days away from the normal day-2-day routine. It was going to be a time to focus on the things that always got pushed to the bottom of the list. But I never thought I would knock off such a big to-do. I ended up creating a course- the content, recordings, and campaign! The retreat was amazing and gave me a lot of great ideas on how to move forward. Plus, I got to hang out with some pretty amazing women. That alone was worth it.” 

— ANGIE WEBER | tena.cious angie

IMAGINE waking up with a FRESH new to-do list and a clear plan for action! You can have that PLUS experience other opportunities built into this retreat to move you forward!

REGISTER NOW! Space is limited, you do NOT want to miss this -- promise!