Keeping it Personal with Wendie

Resolution Solution


“I’m going to start working out at least four days a week.” “I’m going on that new diet right after the holidays.” “I’m going to free up more time for my family this year.” Do any of these resolutions sound familiar – or maybe too familiar? Do they make their annual year-end rise to the […]

Instant is for Puddings!

instant pudding

If there is one thing I can imprint into your mind today, it is… …consistency is key to success! As much as I appreciate the television show, The Biggest Loser, and how inspiring and motivational it is, it tends to leave the average audience member a bit jaded about reality. Actually, it has even left […]

Walk This Way – Body and Spirit

Path in the woods

10,000 steps a day. It’s the recommendation for health and weight loss today and, at first glance… …it appears impossible. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.  Taking into consideration the fact that even an inactive person takes 3,000 steps daily simply performing household chores –> the challenge is yours to win! Allow a […]

The Good Lord Willing

comfortable chair

The Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise… I like to think the above saying is a Southern thing (aka “thang”), having spent most of my life in the South. I’d heard it often – from relatives, my parents, in passing at the supermarket, even on the radio. Quite the common expression down there, […]