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Keeping it Personal with Shelbi

About the Author

Shelbi is a Photographer / Writer (and a closet Poet) who finds her greatest joy in being a wife and a mom. She has spent the last 10 years as a jewelry designer, but discovered her favorite part was when she was behind the lens, photographing her wares (or one of her four children). When she’s not in her flip flops, camera around her neck – you can find her curled up with a warm cup of something, keeping company with her crochet hooks. She is passionate about sharing the word of God and the message of hope and healing that only Christ can bring. She is currently working on her first book which chronicles her personal journey through her photography, favorite scriptures and essays. She admits to having a serious cupcake addiction, but is learning to finally just say ‘no’. Her very favorite thing to do is drive along the coast beside her adorable hubby, family in tow, in their ‘sunshine family vw bus’ (eating cupcakes together).
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A Woman Of Strength

Dark Days

Not long ago, (or so it seems) I entered into a season so dark and lonely, I did not think my soul would survive it. A betrayal so deep – that at the time, I felt my heart could never overcome it. I cried out to God in deep anguish, and sleep never came to  …

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In The Beginning


“in the beginning God created…” Genisis 1:1 Have you ever stopped to think that the very first words God spoke to us, in His Word, were about His creative nature? God is the ultimate ‘artist’. He created all that we see, know, taste, touch and hear. He created you and me. His creative spirit is  …

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10 Ways to Love Our Husbands Today

Love Your Man

It’s so easy for us women to get caught up in the multi-tasking of our daily lives; work, the kids, preparing meals, the grocery shopping, etc. that we often times neglect the most important blessings in our lives… …our husbands. Yes, I know sometimes we do not view them as ‘blessings’ ladies, but this is  …

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Beautiful: The Mess We Are

Beautiful Mess

“We pour out our miseries God just hears a melody Beautiful the mess we are The honest cries of breaking hearts Are better than a Hallelujah.” – Amy Grant Isn’t it something to ponder; as Amy Grant so eloquently sings the lyrics above, that God really does want to hear all about our hurts, our  …

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