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Whatever You Are

whatever you are

“Whatever you are” and I’m going to add, “wherever you are” — just starting? Start STRONG with everything you have! A novice? glean all you possibly can to excel and learn! Whether you are a public leader bathed in spotlight or a background supporter… …be a good one. Whether you deem your specific tasks and  …

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Happiness is a By-Product

Happiness Quote

This quote has been a sort of a “mantra” for me over the last few years. If you get to know me even a little bit, you know that one of my chief goals in life is to enjoy every single moment to the best of my ability. I long to find the marvelous in  …

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10 to Happier


We all want to be happy. It seems “happy” is the vague utopia all citizens of earth strive for but never seem to achieve. Well, I’m not here to relay a magic formula to achieve “happy” — that’s another post — but here’s a small list that I’ve come up with that helps my days  …

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Your Moments, Your World


shhhhh… did you here it? …listen again. What you heard just now is your world. Whether you love it, tolerate it, or hate it, it is yours and it’s going by at the speed of light. You. will. never. experience. this. moment. again. Take time to acknowledge what is yours. If you don’t like it,  …

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