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My Life As A Failure: When We Want To Quit

i quit

Have you had one of those days where you just wanted to quit? I reached that point recently – I just wanted to lay everything down and take a nap… …a five year nap. I felt overwhelmed, stretched-too-thin and had convinced myself that certainly anyone else could all these things better than I could. So […]

My Life As A Failure: It’s Okay To Be Wrong


We have been having an attitude issue around our house lately. When we ask our kids to do something or remind them of something they need to do, their reply is, “I know.” When they are corrected, they respond with, “I knew that.” Maybe this doesn’t sounds like a big deal. And the words themselves […]

My Life As a Failure: It’s Okay Not To Fit In


“Wow!” “Whoa! Look at that!” “Mom … are you sure this is OUR hotel?” These were the reactions of my kids on our last vacation as we pulled our tiny Subaru into the valet parking drive of a four-star hotel in downtown Colorado Springs. Because of the cost, we generally stay at lower-class hotels (think […]