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Keeping it Personal with Gaye Lindfors

About the Author

Gaye loves to laugh, and isn't afraid to poke fun at her own mishaps. With authenticity, passion, and humor, she helps women develop a deeper and richer faith life while they reconnect to what matters most. As an observer of life in the real world, Gaye shares encouraging stories from the heart that engage and inspire her audiences and readers. Through her speaking and writing, she helps women discover more focus, more courage, more hope, and more peace in their daily living. Gaye is the author of God, Girlfriends, & Chocolate and is a contributing author to Don't Miss Your Boat: Living Your Life With Purpose in the Real World. Gaye and her husband live in St. Paul, MN. She considers the times spent laughing with her sisters (‘til it hurts!), to be some of life’s best moments.
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Let God be God


  Where is God when your heart is breaking? When you’ve been unemployed for 14 months and despair is setting in? When illness has taken over your body and there is no cure? He’s right there. Sitting next to you. Holding your hand. Feeling your pain. God doesn’t leave us when times are tough.  Our  …

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My Worries: My Response


This morning I woke up wondering, “What was my brain doing during the night?” My body hasn’t even realized I’m awake, and my mind and heart are flooded with worries and anxieties: projects that need to be completed, business challenges, deep heartaches of family and friends, natural disasters, the homeless, and the list continues. My  …

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“…Unwilling to lose face with his friends…”

Love and the cross metaphor

“But unwilling to lose face with his friends, he caved in and let her have her wish.” Oh, the consequences of trying to save face.  In this story?  John the Baptist was beheaded.  Really… …his head was cut off. A quick summary of the story (from Mark 6)… King Herod had married his brother’s wife,  …

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If I Were Ten Times Bolder


Fear gets in the way of so many things, doesn’t it? We’re afraid of failure.  Afraid that someone might get angry with us. Or that we’ll disappoint someone.  We worry about hurting a friend’s feelings so we don’t speak the truth… …we’re afraid of not being liked. On the business side, we’re afraid that we  …

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