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Keeping it Personal with Erika

About the Author

Erika is passionate about the Word of God and prayer. Her heart is for encouraging women in their faith and journeying together to help others know God’s grace and PEACE through the joys and trials of life. She is a devoted wife and the mother of two precious children and loves laughing and learning right along with her family. In addition to being a homemaker, wife, mother, and writer, Erika also directs the Christian Education ministry at her local church. If she ever found a moment of free time, you’d find that Erika loves good books, good conversation, board games, and getting outdoors!
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The Power of Words


Often times the words slip out, before we can catch them … and once they’re out, the scrambling begins — desperate to scoop up the words and bury them deep, to rewind the moment and press mute on our mouths. But with words, there are no take-backs. Once they’re out, they’re out… …and their power  …

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When Anxiety Rises


I felt the anxiety rise within me: the dishes, the laundry, the obligations, the whimpers, the needs… …overwhelming and crushing and extinguishing. I forgot. Forgot to give thanks. Forgot to serve and love and give thanks in all circumstances. Forgot to choose joy and walk in victory. Somewhere from far away, I heard the words  …

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Abide in Him

holding hands

My girl is a daddy’s girl. Only three and she loves her daddy! I love that she loves her daddy; I really, really do. But I have to admit that there are times, like when Daddy works late and she’s tired, when something happens…a bumped head or a bruised knee, and all she wants is  …

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Is Fear in Control?


Today I cut a pineapple. Not very earth-shattering — to you. …but to me, it was monumental. I had never cut a pineapple before, never even tried. Even when we lived in the jungle and the indigenous people would bring us fresh pineapple from their gardens, I’d let it sit on the counter, our eyes  …

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