Keeping it Personal with Erika

The Power of Words


Often times the words slip out, before we can catch them … and once they’re out, the scrambling begins — desperate to scoop up the words and bury them deep, to rewind the moment and press mute on our mouths. But with words, there are no take-backs. Once they’re out, they’re out… …and their power […]

When Anxiety Rises


I felt the anxiety rise within me: the dishes, the laundry, the obligations, the whimpers, the needs… …overwhelming and crushing and extinguishing. I forgot. Forgot to give thanks. Forgot to serve and love and give thanks in all circumstances. Forgot to choose joy and walk in victory. Somewhere from far away, I heard the words […]

Abide in Him

holding hands

My girl is a daddy’s girl. Only three and she loves her daddy! I love that she loves her daddy; I really, really do. But I have to admit that there are times, like when Daddy works late and she’s tired, when something happens…a bumped head or a bruised knee, and all she wants is […]