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Keeping it Personal with Elizabeth

About the Author

A nationally recognized business coach, professional speaker, organization expert, and author -- Elizabeth Hagen started her business in 2000, after nineteen years as a stay-at-home mother to five incredible children. Her mission is to encourage, nurture, and support an environment of excellence for thus whose lives the touches. She’s encouraged thousands to have more courage, more focus, more momentum, and be more productive at work and at home. Elizabeth is the author of Organize with Confidence, Confidence: Now is Your Time, Growing Your Business with Confidence, and coauthor of Focus, Organization, and Productivity. Elizabeth has been married since 1979 to her best friend, Dr. Bruce Jon Hagen. Now more than ever we need to hear a message of renewal and this is exactly what Elizabeth will offer us! Elizabeth and her family live in Sioux Falls, SD.

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Give Yourself the Gift of Doing One Thing at a Time

to do list

Would you like to really, I mean really, have this be the year you are more productive and feel less stressed? It’s easier than you think. I feel that somewhere along the way we got the misconception that we’re not worthy unless we are doing a bunch of things at once and feeling stressed out  …

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Start Taking Action…Now!

Ready Set Go!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed because there is so much to do – so you do nothing? If this is true you are not alone in feeling this way! It’s real easy to use the excuse (and, yes, it is an excuse) of feeling overwhelmed to not do anything. Or, to just do small unimportant  …

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Breathe! I know that this is a busy time of year so I’m going to ‘gift’ you with a short, easy-to-read article! I think that this gift is going to change any challenges that come up during the holidays. Did you know that just like a computer you have a ‘reset’ button? Yes, you do!  …

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Where Do You Want to Go?

What do you want?

One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree. ‘Which road do I take?’ she asked. His response was a question: ‘Where do you want to go?’‘I don’t know,’ Alice answered. ‘Then,’ said the cat, ‘it doesn’t matter.”   Lewis Carroll, 1864-1928 Do you ever feel like  …

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