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Keeping it Personal with Cari

About the Author

Cari and her wonderful husband of 36 years live in the mountains of Colrado where they raised four fantastic children then because of tragedy buried three of them. In walking through the “Valley of the shadow of death” Cari found God’s hope and strength. She loves God deeply and enjoys sharing what he has done in her life with others so they too may find hope in the trials. Cari is a speaker, author and leads adult and teen grief support groups in her local church. She is currently writing a teen grief support group curriculum. Cari loves to curl up beside a mountain stream with a good book or spend a day on the ski slope with her husband.
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Mountain Journey

Mountain Journey

One beautiful Colorado summer day I set out to climb a mountain. A 14,000 ft mountain. The sky was a stunning blue with scattered clouds. The flowers were in full bloom of yellows, blues and whites as if it were spring, and really August is spring at 14,000ft. I was greeted by mountain goats, 11  …

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