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Keeping it Personal with Carey

About the Author

An inspirational speaker and writer, Carey is honest about her walk with the Lord; stumbles, fumbles and all. Her goal is to challenge women to be real with themselves, others and God. She is passionate about encouraging women to give up a life of mediocrity, and instead live abundant, transformed, joy-filled lives. She discusses raising Godly kids, redefining our value, managing fear, healing broken marriages, and seeing God in everyday life. She is a happily married mom of two and lives in Colorado. Together, they laugh a lot, play a lot… and have a great time as a family.
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What is Your DEFAULT Button?


“Mom, can we pray for them right now?” Normally I get on to my kids for interrupting me, but this time was different. I found myself so grateful that my 11-year old son interjected this idea into our conversation. As I was sharing a funny story I’d heard on the radio earlier that day, an  …

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There is a Cost, BUT Also a Blessing

galatians 6_9

Doing work for God costs me something. There is a price I pay to walk out His calling on my life. So often, I’ve been unable to attend a gathering with my friends knowing the fun they were having while I was out of town speaking. I’ve been up until the wee hours of the  …

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Make it Personal


One reason I love Keeping It Personal so much is because it reminds me to, well… …keep it personal. We live in a world where one-to-one connection has become a hindrance. We’d much rather text, email, or touch base over social media.  We find excuses for our lack of interaction by stating we’re just too  …

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We Are Seed Planters

planting seeds

I had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine the other day who reminded me that we are “seed planters.” We had been talking about how easy it was to get discouraged when we don’t see the fruit of our labor. How challenging it can be to not see the end result. I was  …

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