Keeping it Personal with Angela

The Formula for a Great Life


We all long to know how to do this thing. called. life. We look to formulas for success. Magazine covers scream “10 Steps to a Better You.” There are thousands of parenting books, marriage books, and self-help books. We long to emulate the success of others. So we ask for secretes and try to follow […]

God isn’t Done Yet


Going anywhere with three children is an adventure. There is the volume problem. Three kids must yell over each other to be heard. We still haven’t mastered not talking over each other and not interrupting. This often results in stares and undue attention especially when discussing bathroom habits. For some strange reason all children think […]

Does What I Do Matter?


There it is again – the empty, hollow, gnawing at my heart. It takes up residence when I look around and I can’t point to anything I have “done” today. Days I don’t even bother to make a to-do list because I know I won’t get half-way through it. So why bother? Days when I […]