Keeping it Personal with Amy

New Year, New You

future self

We’re living proof of our future selves.  How well we’re learning to embrace today will determine what our lives look like tomorrow.  The new year can be a very exciting place to find ourselves, when we choose to take the time to evaluate our lives and… …take action to move forward! But, the truth is […]

Weighing In


Getting to know your values one day at a time creates a new life. For me, living by my values means doing what I say I believe right now.   And living like I mean it.  That’s hard work.  That’s God work.  And when the rubber meets your road in the midst of a moment, life […]

Yogurt And Restoration

pink flower

I’ve been intentionally recycling more lately.  And as my kids are in the habit of going through a 32 oz. container of Strawberry Greek Yogurt each week, I’ve had the privilege of helping them by cleaning out what they can’t reach.  A few days back I helped them finish one off… …I’m a good Mom […]