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Keeping it Personal with Alicia

About the Author

Alicia Economos is the founder and director of “WOW! Wholehearted Living.” A certified trainer for The People Skills Series, author and heart coach, Alicia is also a sough-after speaker. Audiences everywhere benefit from her tremendous insights, heartfelt enthusiasm and surprisingly simple approach to living wholeheartedly. Drawing from twenty-plus years of working with clients, Alicia presents the steps for women to gain healthy relationships; with themselves, food, their body and God. With a direct and sometimes humorous approach, she shares her own personal challenges and success stories that provide encouragement and hope. She is passionate about helping women gain freedom and peace in their own lives, and discovering the joy of living wholeheartedly!
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What’s The Fog In Your Life?


I was recently out of town and ready to start the ten-hour drive back home. With a full tank of gas, some snacks and a bottle of water, I felt well prepared for the drive. However, there was something that I hadn’t anticipated; a thick, dense layer of fog that covered all but a few  …

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Are you “BUSY?”

Busy woman with post it notes

Most of us live in a society that promotes being busy. The more organizations, jobs, hobbies and “things” we can be involved with, the better……or so it seems. You might gasp to learn that “BUSY” is an acronym for: Being Under Satan’s Yoke. It’s true. Keeping us busy is one of the enemy’s greatest spiritual  …

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Is Yours “Normal?”

Normal Washing Machine

Many people have some sort of tradition or specific way in which they celebrate Thanksgiving. How about you? What do you consider “normal” when it comes to celebrating this holiday? Maybe your holiday includes cooking and cleaning for a large gathering with family and friends. Maybe you eat Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant, with others  …

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Think You “Got No Time?”

got no time

Several days ago, as I was driving home from a speaking engagement, I found an inspirational message in the most unlikely place. After driving several hours I turned on the radio to help me get past a sleepy spell. I soon found myself singing along to an “oldie.” The song was, “No Time,” by the  …

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